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Sorry for taking so long to update, things got pretty hectic in my life. Being unemployed fracking stinks lol.

Gold Ultimate Mono-Water Challenge: Update 1

-Started up, named myself Blue and chose Totodile as my starter
-Ground levels until Totodile was lvl 10
-Wiped the floor with my Rival before going back to New Bark town and finishing up the beginning stuff
-Swept Sprout Tower fairly easily, as well as Falkner[Bite is amazing]
-Used speed up to hatch egg and took Togepi back to Elm before boxing him forever[I thought I got something other than an everstone for it -__-]
-Caught a Wooper and a Magikarp, once I got an Old Rod
-Made it through the cave and drove Rockets out of Slowpoke Well, also caught a slowpoke
-Quickly learnt that fast forward is my enemy, as it lead to me accidentally challenging my rival several times before I finally stopped using it[bad fracking habits lol]
-Totodile evolved into Croconaw while grinding in the Well
-Still couldn't beat my Rival, so I ground levels in the Well until Wooper and Magikarp evolved, with Gyarados making short work of Green's Bayleef and Bugsy's Scyther, which were the main problems
-Caught a Hoppip, thinking it could learn Cut..... it can't, so it got boxed
-Caught a Sandshrew, which can learn Cut, so it became my HM Slave
-Made it to Goldenrod, with Whitney being pretty simple, although Miltank did KO Croconaw
-Taught Quagsire Dig, which made the Kimono Girls pretty simple
-Gyarados' Bite made short work of Morty's gym
-Caught a bunch of water types, decided on adding Tentacool and Chinchou to my party
-Caught a Mantine while grinding outside of Cianwood
-Switched Tentacool for Mantine, as I've never used Mantine before
-Beat Jasmine fairly easily with Dig
-Chuck was easy, but annoying
-Caught a Red Gyarados and traded him into my party to replace my regular Gyarados
-Cleared out the Rockets with Lance
-Chinchou evolved in the Mahogany Gym
-Percy was really easy, Lanturn Sparked Seel and Dewgong, and Water Gun took out Piloswine
-Ran all the way back to Whirl Islands to get myself a Seel
-Got all the way to Blackthorn City before realizing that I can't challenge the gym because I haven't cleared out Goldenrod Radio Tower

Current Team:

Seel Lvl 25 68/33/39/31/44/28
Aurora Beam, Headbutt, Surf, Rest

Lanturn Lvl 30 125/51/48/59/59/51
Spark, Water Gun, Flail, Flash

Quagsire Lvl 30 108/71/71/59/59/38
Water Gun, Slam, Dig, Amnesia

Slowpoke Lvl 30 108/56/57/34/34/26
Confusion, Strength, Water Gun, Tackle

Gyarados Lvl 30 97/88/58/47/71/59
Bite, Thrash, Dragon Rage, Leer

Feraligatr Lvl 31 101/84/75/63/66/67
Water Gun, Bite, Cut, Scratch

Aside from not being able to decide who I want on my team, an overall enjoyable run so far. I'm really liking my current team :p
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