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Originally Posted by Shoot|The|Puck View Post
Ugh, the American school system is getting worse by the year.

In eighth grade, I got in trouble for bringing a laser pointer to school. The school phoned by parents like it was some huge crisis and my parents were dumbfounded. I think we all laughed about it on the car ride home.
Yeah, you get that in England as well though. Not a suspension or anything, but I've known parents called over laser pointers. They're more likely to be called over that than fighting, provided no blood is spilt.

A) Should he really have been suspended for something liek that?

No. It just plays right into the hands of the NRA, claiming about the Nth Amendment or whatever it is that they argue means more guns = safety, and taking away guns = Communism. (Sorry I'm not American, I don't know what number it is.

B) Need anymore proof that the NRA has totally lost it?

Yes. This perhaps the best publicity they can probably give themselves - to many conservative non-gun-owners they'll be seen as defending common sense etc.
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