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    I dislike the idea of trading to evolve itself, none of my friends play Pokemon, because them retards think it's a kids' game but anyway trading with strangers could be useful, except that I don't fully trust anyone, also it may get a bit difficult to find a trader who's active in my timezone AND has a good wi-fi connection...

    I like Gengar, Alkazam, Golem, Porygon2 & Politoed just to name a few, I only had them when I traded with myself by making a copy of my ROM & using it in Gold, it was quite the headache finding the appropriate program too :/

    Getting the hold-while-trading items can be a pain sometimes & it will become even more painful as more games are released, some of them are to be received so late in the game or post-E4 which is kinda stupid imo.
    A better alternative would be evolving while holding items instead of trading while holding them, but without the night-time/day-time clause, & ofc make the items cheap & easily obtainable.

    Another thing that would be useful is NPC trades, why trade a Ralts for a Seedot when you can trade a Graveler for a Haunter? Trading NPCs should exist more & in the same time have better offers.

    -More off-topic talk in the spoiler-
    Also I can't help but to mention how ridiculous eeveelutions are becoming; firstly Espeon & Umbreon who need "Happiness", which means wasting money on haircuts & lemonades, or wasting time by walking endlessly, or wasting good moves by leveling up since it increases happiness but in the same time makes you miss learning certain moves if you reach their appropriate level & not evolve, kind of a nightmare.
    Secondly Leafeon & Glaceon who need to evolve near places, easier than happiness tbh but still bad because you never know when exactly you're going to reach these places.
    Thirdly Ninfia who will -probably- need to be traded while holding something then evolved near some place holding something else in day-time just my prediction seeing the trend of getting eeveelutions.

    It would be perfect if we can get evos by using Stones or evolving while holding items & get pre-evos by simple breeding, simple trades aren't bad either.
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