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    #4 Update for Monofire - Ruby

    -Picked the Rash Male
    -defeated May
    -helped Wally
    -defeated Team Magma
    -grinding to LV16

    : difficulty 0/5
    * 3 Double Kicks

    -defeated Team Magma and saved
    -delievered the Letter

    : difficulty 1/5
    *I died twice but not difficult at all

    -defeated Team Magma in the Museum
    -defeated May
    -defeated Wally

    : difficulty 0/5
    *Double Kick and Ember

    -caught the Sassy Maleon Route 112
    -done Cycling Road
    -done Meteor Falls
    -defeated Team Magma
    -evolved intoon Route 112

    : difficulty 0/5
    *Magnitude 3 hit

    -evolved intoin Petalburg City Gym

    : difficulty 0/5
    *Double Kick withhit hard

    -got Fire Stone in Fiery Path
    -defeated Team Magma
    -defeated May
    -got Devonscope

    : difficulty 2/5
    *she defeated mywith.. sodefeated all of her Pokemon with Peck and Blaze Kick

    -caught the Serious Female
    -grindingat Trick House
    -learnt Flamthrower in the Trick House and I evolved her into
    -defeated Team Magma in its Hideout

    &: difficulty 4/5
    *had Hidden Power Ghost I just had to heal every turn with the other two with the Revive

    -defeated Team Magma in Seafloor Cavern

    : difficulty 3/5
    *gave me problems but with a couple of Revive and Will-o-Wisp I manage to defeat him on first try.. the other were gone with Brick Break

    -done Victory Road
    -defeated Wally


    Sidney: difficulty 2/5
    *2 Bulk Up, Brick Break and Blaze Kick.. died to, putWill-o-Wisp.. Revived and Brick Break FTW

    Phoebe: difficulty 4/5
    *are annoying

    Glacia: difficulty 0/5
    *easy battle with Fire types

    Drake: difficulty 5/5
    *was hard to beat but with Toxic and Confuse Ray everything becomes easier xD

    : difficulty 5/5
    vsFlamethrower 3-5
    vsBlaze Kick, Earthquake 2-5
    vsFlamethrower 2-4
    vsConfuse Ray, hit itself, Toxic, Earthquake 1-4
    vsRevive spamming waiting for toxic to kill it 1-3
    vsBrick Break 1-2
    vs2 Brick Break 1-1
    vsBulk Up, 1 Brick Break while healing sometimes 1-0

    Final Team:
    LV52 MVP
    Hardy | Male | Blaze | Rapid Claws
    Blaze Kick
    Brick Break
    Bulk Up

    Sassy | Male | Magma Guard | Soft Sand
    Rock Slide

    Serious | Female | Flash Fire | Charcoal
    Confuse Ray
    Hidden Power(Ghost)

    On going Challenges:
    RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons