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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
A chat with a whiteboard would be cool. Like the oldschool oekaki chatrooms that I still have links to some active ones that you can just make your own and join.

Like one of these:

Unfortunately I wont be here to attend this get-together, as I will be on a mini vacation-adventure that weekend but hopefully others can have fun with it!~
Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
I didn't technically say I'd help host an iSkecth event, was just agreeing with Kura's suggestion of an oekaki/whiteboard event and said I might help host it if it becomes an actual event since Kura will be gone for most of the GT weekend. Though ISketch/o is pretty similar to an oekaki/whiteboard. I'm already co-hosting the Radio Nights with Dave (Antemortem) so I may or may not be able to help co-host the iSketch event or whiteboard/oekaki thing. Depends on my time.
I gave the whiteboard/oekaki a spin for my money, and it's not bad, it's just that you need Java first of all and the Google translate plugin thing, since the whiteboard thing is in Japanese... It only translates the text in the page into English and the mechanic itself is wholesomely in Japanese... The interface is a bit like MS Paint, but like an really old windows 95 and below version. So I think people would want to use iSketch over the whiteboard/oekaki, since IS, requires only Adobe Shockwave installed in your computer, and most people shouldn't have a problem with that than more or so with the whiteboard/oekaki (has Java*). (Hope everything I said makes sense , typing this half awake...)

Anyway, you can just pop in whenever you like then, AWsquared. Ante will be needing you more, since the radio will be pretty busy and popular, he'd need it.

I'll be with my man, Miss Doronjo (SHAWN) with the iSketch AFTER he makes up his mind that it... xD
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