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Righto. After kicking Gardenia's ass, I went to rescue the cycling shop man. Got the bicycle and dashed off to the bicycle path, hurried through it and went under it to catch myself a Gligar. Caught myself a Careful one and figured that'd be good enough. Either way, a Ground-type is an incredibly welcome addition to the team! I quickly found the secret entrance to Wayward Cave and found the TM for Earthquake, giving Gligar its powerful STAB move. Murkrow's attitude has been showing some severe improvement, let's just hope he keeps it up after leveling above 30.

Fantina was easy. Murkrow sweeped her entire team with Assurance. She did remind me, though, that I absolutely need a Drifblim on my team. Gonna have to wait until Friday, though. Eh.

Anyway, here's my team so far:


Murkrow, lv. 31 @ Soothe Bell
Male // Adamant // Super Luck
- Taunt
- Astonish
- Wing Attack
- Assurance

Staravia, lv. 30 @ Shell Bell
Female // Jolly // Intimidate
- Aerial Ace
- Growl
- Return
- Double Team

Gligar, lv. 30
Male // Careful // Hyper Cutter
- Rock Tomb
- Earthquake
- Faint Attack
- Quick Attack
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