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Flying Ultimate Monotype Update
Crystal Update #1

- Started with Cyndaquill and beat the beginning
- Caught Bounce the Hoppip
- Caught Temp the Spearow
- Boxed Cyndaquill
- Used Temp to level Bounce until he learned tackle
- Caught Bruce the Zubat in Dark Cave
- Caught Hoot the Hoothoot
- Completed Sprout Tower leveling up Bounce, Bruce, and Hoot
- Defeated Falkner using a combination of Poisonpowder and Supersonic
- Made it through Union Cave
- Completed Slowpoke Well and Bounce evolved into Skiploom
- Took on Bugsy's gym
- Hoot evolved into Noctowl on the way
- Made it through Ilex Forest
- Took on Whitney's gym and Bruce evolved into Golbat
- Made it to Ecruteak, met Eusine, and beat Morty with Bruce and Hoot
- Took on the Kimono girls, got Surf, caught a Goldeen for a Surf temp and backtracked and caught X the Natu
- Arrived in Olivine and surfed and caught Jet the Mantine

Current Team

Level 27
Peck, Hypnosis, Reflect, Tackle

Level 23
Peck, Leer, Nightshade, Teleport

Level 26
Poisonpowder, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Tackle

Level 22
Tackle, Bubble, Supersonic, and Bubblebeam

Level 27
Leech Life, Supersonic, Bite, Confuse Ray

Should update again tonight