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Hi guys. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am indeed still working on this project! Ha ha. But right now I want to wait and see what sort of new Pokemon show up in Gen 6, so I can appraise my own Fakemons and take out or change any that're too similar to existing 'mons.

At the moment the only one that seems to be a problem is Pancham versus my Sanda and Pamurai, which is an underdeveloped line I probably wouldn't feel to bad about replacing. On the other hand there's apparently a mantis/pistol shrimp just revealed, which worries me, because I like my Shrimple line, but I guess as long as newshrimp doesn't have a gimmick like Shrimple's making them visually distinct will be enough. Fennekin is different enough from both Kyubi and Sparx, and Noivern from Foxat, that I don't think I need to worry about those.

I also won't be adding any fairy type 'mons to the 'dex, which won't look too out of place anyway due to the complete lack of dragon types, so.

In other news, I'm considering removing Ruin and Dimonix from the 'dex. Not from the game, mind- they'll still exist in in-game lore and such- but they won't be catchable by the player, due to them being dead for thousands of years and all. In their place I'll be adding two more legends which have connections to Tiamit, neither of whom have pages just yet. So, like, stay tuned!

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