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FireRed Mono Water update #2
So I made my way through Route 5 & 6 to get to Vermillion city and when I got there i pondered on what i was going to do with my weakness to Surge, so I then realized i have the TM for dig in my TM case, then I taught it to my Wartortle, after that I went to the S.S Anne and battled every single trainer for exp. Yes i'm serious I battled every one of them. After I did that I battled some trainers on Route 11, and finally my Magikarp evolved! No more useless stats and Splash attack! Yay, Then I went to the gym and I did the annoying trash puzzle! Seriously where does Gamefreak come up with this stuff!
Vs. Lt. Surge Difficulty 0.5/5
Step 1: Spam dig with Wartortle.
Step 2: Avoid attacks.
Step 3:???
Step 4: Win!

Kanto 8/8, Johto 11/16, Hoenn 0/8, Sinnoh 0/8, Unova 0/8