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Hey guys! I'm probably making this update waaay too soon, but with all the buzz about XY, I figure I might as well mention a few things. I'm going to spoiler it, in case anyone is avoiding gen VI spoilers (and believe me, I totally understand!). So read at your own risk! A spoiler-less summary will be provided after, though it's not really spoilery.

- This thread will remain, unless it goes inactive, until December 1st, 2013.
- A new Favorite Challenge will be made December 1st, 2013 for XY only.
- Even though XY will be out in October, this thread will still remain for Gen V so that people can have time to purchase/beat XY before starting this, or any other, challenge.
- Fairy type will be included in the 4th Favorite Challenge.
- Contemplating some new mechanics for this challenge, since XY is bringing us so many new things. If you have any suggestions between now and then, feel free to let me know!

Non-spoilery version: I will be making an XY Favorite Challenge on the first of December and this thread will remain until then.

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