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    Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
    I think I see your logic behind the candidate thing, but you're wronga bout the number of threads this section gets per week. If I recall correctly, last time I had to deal with a PotW, I had a whole page worth of threads, which is around 25.
    I did not know the numbers, that was merely conjecture to display my point. If the number of total threads overall is a small number, then you obviously need less candidates. The larger the number of threads you get in, then the more candidates you could--and should--have.

    If I'm reading your post correctly (which I may very well not be), then I think we might already be on the track to fixing the situation. We've expanded it to a monthly contest, and by that reason, we've expanded our pool of threads and made the 5 we decide people to vote on more eligible? Is that any where near what you were trying to say? lol
    What I'm saying, is essentially what I said I above. Since it is 25, 10 does not seem to be too large of a number as it still less than half, and that is just not really considered "large." If you pick 10 candidates, then people are going to be more vested in ensuring that the topics they produce are of a higher quality. Those 10 people, ideally, would come back to ensure that their thread is still interesting and relevant. The same could happen with 5 people, but for one, 10 people doing this would promote more activity than 5, and 10 would also promote more "competition" (of a friendly nature, of course!) to make higher quality threads as you have more people to actually beat. Now, I know it isn't exactly a "competition" but I'm sure that if someone knew they were in the running, they would try to get as many votes as they could, which would involve bringing more activity to their thread, and this section as a whole. And since the section would be increasing in popularity due to the people attracted by the poll, the poll would in turn also increase in popularity. Maybe the idea would to be make winning POTW a bit more of a prestigious honor...

    In that respect, I have but few ideas as I am not knowledgeable about forum software. I know you guys sticky the threads, but those are still easy to lose. If it were possible, I'd make their thread stand out some more. Either by making the particular stickied thread bigger or maybe a different color. Again, I don't know how possible it'd be, but if the POTW was advertised a little more, or had a bit more "pop" to it, then people would probably be assed to actually put in some more effort.
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