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Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post
So, I'm going to randomly pop in now.

First off; well, sorry to hear about your boyfriend and . . . your other boyfriend(?), Fenrir. (Lol)

Also, all the crap that I posted before that was happening that kind of really sucked is pretty much over now. Granted, my ex's parents are now preventing me from speaking to or seeing him, so it's not completely over.

And, lastly, I'm a bit sad that school's over. My crushes on other guys decided to start randomly developing a bit more towards the end of the year, lol. I'm crushing on three guys. One is a Sophomore, one's a Junior and one's a Senior . . . but the Senior is graduating and moving to go to college, so I won't ever really get the chance to talk to him. Out of the three guys I'm crushing on, he's the one I'm crushing on the hardest. He also probably doesn't realize I exist. I kind of wish I had joined the track team now, because it was the only sport that I had been considering before, and now that I realized that he was on it I figure that it might have been a way to get to know him. >.>; It's pointless to regret that, though, especially considering I was in a relationship for most of the year. Oh, and he was also the only one of the three that I wasn't sure of being completely straight. I've been told that he's definitely into women, but that it's possible he's bisexual, lol.

My crush on the Junior is pretty minor, but I'd still like to stalk try and approach him next year and be friends. He has a girlfriend, and I know a girl that's, like, best friends with his older sister, so she confirmed for me that he's completely straight. As for the Sophomore . . . he was in my Biology class all year, and he sat next to me for the second half of the year. I've had a crush on him since the beginning of the year, but I was able to pretty much forget about it while I was in a relationship. After I stopped talking to my ex so much, my crush on him decided to grow and it became a bit agonizing to be sitting next to him. >.>; Lol. I know him the most out of the three guys I'm crushing on (considering I don't actually know the other two that well, and they probably don't even know my name. . . .) and I know that he's straight. He didn't realize I was gay until last week when he asked me if I had a girlfriend. Lol

Random fun fact: all three of them are in a musical ensemble, lol. They're all really good at it, too. @[email protected];
The Senior can sing, play guitar, paint, is an excellent athlete on the track team . . . he's annoyingly good at everything, lol.
How cool. You can see them again next year. Seems like the senior is a bit of a forbidden fruit, though. :(
let's meet again
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