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    Originally Posted by SteveTaylor View Post
    I think you've done a great job in establishing the proper proportions in the drawings and the colours seem pretty spot on. My only gripe is that you make the outlines smaller, or perhaps even non existent, and just imply the shape of the drawing with shading, or an outline made up of a different shade of the colour it touches.

    But that's just me. Anyway, pretty great stuff, keep it up, man!
    About the outlines, are you talking about on the traditional or digital drawings? o.o If you mean the traditional, it may just be because when I scan the pictures they show up a bit faded on the computer. If you mean the digital ones, on some of my earlier ones I did just use darker colors for the outlining rather than black, but I've switched to using black outlines now.
    Originally Posted by Finish3r View Post
    The face or hand paintings are very impressive
    Thanks~ I've been face painting for a few years. It's nice when someone says they like it :D Especially at parties I paint at. Usually I'm in the background while everyone's crowding around my dad who does does the balloons, but on occasion I'm the star of the show o3o
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