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    OOC + SU, Rated T

    Five hundred years ago... There was a war which raged on for a decade, putting the continent Giris into poverty. Consequently, many Pokémon became outlaws, or simply bad to survive. As survival of the fittest dictates, the weak were killed while the strong became corrupted. However, there was a light of hope, among this darkness. The regions Terra, Flaccus, Twul and Verda joined forces in hope of putting an end to the war that raged across Giris. They agreed that it would be beneficial for everyone if they rose up to the roles as legendary ones. The four teams being, Iron Guard of Terra, Water Cloak of Flaccus, Healer's Veil of Twul and Natural Grace of Verda. Hostilities subsided and the Pokémon of the land quickly repopulated and soon the war was almost forgotten. But something was lurking in the dark skies, a ticking time bomb. It came flying from the storm clouds, and demanded the reason why he couldn't help in the war. And from the earth emerged the Guardian of Deceit Darkrai who fed lies to Rayquaza, stating that the world had abandoned him and despised him. Rayquaza became frustrated, believing the lies of Darkrai and consulted Giratina, promising the Guardian of the Underworld freedom once Rayquaza had been helped. Giratina used his power to manipulate and distort the minds of Pokémon to join the war effort and work for Rayquaza uncontrollably. Rayquaza became so filled with the souls of Pokémon that he had become darker and blacker, until he had become Black Rayquaza.
    Soon a large scale, but not lengthy, war occurred, with Rayquaza and his forces against the forces of good. However, this war was sorted out by Jirachi only two months of its commencement. Jirachi had been taken back in time, by the Guardian of Time Celebi. As the Millennium Comet was set to appear one year after, Jirachi was taken back a year. Jirachi and Celebi confronted Rayquaza as friends but their request of peace was declined. Rayquaza attacked Jirachi, who was taken by Celebi one year into the past to recuperate. Rayquaza was aware of Jirachi’s return and consequently ordered Giratina to give him most of Giratina’s absorbed souls. However, Giratina betrayed Rayquaza, and absorbed Rayquaza’s soul, along with it the many souls he had absorbed. Jirachi and Celebi returned, but found Rayquaza vanquished by Giratina. However, this was not good for Jirachi and Celebi. They realised they would need to allow Giratina to return to the surface, and this was something they could not allow. So they did something they would soon regret. Jirachi wished, aided by the power of Celebi, to lock Giratina away for five hundred years, but it backfired with more lethality on the two Pokémon as Darkrai intervened, with Giratina being dormant for five hundred years compared to that of Celebi and Jirachi, who were made dormant for one thousand years. Darkrai herself would wait peacefully while Giratina was dormant as she needed Giratina to be the main villain for Jirachi to use a wish against Giratina, and not Darkrai. Team Natural Grace discovered the location of the scuffle of the Legends, and viewed Jirachi and Celebi as war heroes and icons of Giris, but were consequently sacrificed to defeat evil. Team Natural Grace showed the ruins to Team Healer’s Veil, who analysed the ruins. They dictated the awakening date of all the Pokémon (except Rayquaza because it was dead), and they realised the work that the four teams would have to do to quell the panic that could follow on Giris. Therefore, the four teams build a guild in Viewvisi Town known as Four Quarters Guild, where they would train Pokémon to combat the eventual threat of Giratina, and possibly Darkrai. However, what they did not know, was that more bad Pokémon were appearing and with them, mystery dungeons. And so, our story begins.

    You are a member at the Four Quarters Guild and have been given the task of hunting bad Pokémon and clearing mystery dungeons. You can be a citizen of any region within Giris and the island Silve. The guild is split into four houses, named respectively after each original team. Each house has members and instructors. You may be a member (tend to be younger), or an instructor (an equivalent of a teacher), it is up to you.

    1. Follow the rules not mentioned here;
    2. Don’t god mode;
    3. Bunny with permission
    4. Three day reservation;
    5. Do not be rude;
    6. The code for the SU is “Maestroke”;
    7. Keep romance PG;
    8. Have fun!

    As each region within Giris and Silve have their own Pokémon specialty, you may use the following list to help guide you into knowing each region’s specialty and what they have unique.

    Map of Giris and Silve:

    Giris: The Mainland
    Via: Normal-types, home of the Four Quarters Guild
    Flaccus: Water-types, home of the founders of Team Water Cloak
    Verda: Grass-types, home to the founders of Team Natural Grace
    Twul: Psychic-types, home to the founders of Team Healer’s Veil, contains Lake Brod
    Bubike: Bug-types, main textile producing outlet on Giris
    Media: Flying-types, major trading centre and is home to the most populous town, Medius Town
    Terra: Ground-types, home to the founders of Team Iron Fist
    Anea: Dark-types, borders Anchis Bay and is home to the beautiful Claw Peninsula
    Vana: Electric-types, the most technological area of Giris, with it having a power plant
    Shepé: Ghost-types, home to several abandoned mansions
    Hiwis: Ice-types, home of Mount Shudder
    Huel: Steel-types, main producer of armour in Giris
    Flue: Fire-types, home of Mount Flazma
    Xat: Poison-types, borders lake Corphish and is also another major trading centre

    Silve: The Isle to the West
    Crusid: Rock-types, home of Mount Roark
    Aerer: Fighting-types, the most intense training happens here
    Faedan: Fairy-types, an unknown part of the island shrouded in a deep mist

    Note that Pokémon can wear armour.

    Member Sign Ups:
    Full Name: (You may include nicknames if you wish)
    Age: 14-30
    Species: (No legendary or fully evolved Pokémon, remember that you are in training.)
    House: (There are four houses named after the four teams: Water Cloak, Natural Grace, Healer’s Veil and Iron Guard)

    Level: 20-40.
    Move-set: 6 maximum.
    RP Sample: (optional)

    Code: (Check the rules)

    Instructor Sign Ups:
    Full Name: (You may include nicknames if you wish)
    Age: 21-40
    Species: (No legendary but fully evolved Pokémon are allowed.)
    House: (There are four houses named after the four teams: Water Cloak, Natural Grace, Healer’s Veil and Iron Guard)

    Level: 40-50.
    Move-set: 6 maximum.
    RP Sample: (optional)

    Code: (Check the rules)

    Accepted Players:

    Feel free to put these FE: Awakening Pokemon-like sprites in your sig!

    Participating in the following Roleplays:

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