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Originally Posted by h0tshot1025 View Post
Ohmygod. The Wii Fit Trainer is hilarious. She scares me for some reason though.
Her final smash is so colorful but deadly.
I wonder what would be different from the 3DS and Wii U version aside from the graphics.
I'm planning to get a 3DS and I now have all the reasons in the world.
I kinda want a Kirby game right now @w@
As far as we know, 3DS and Wii U have different stages exclusive to them. Wii U has Major Circuit ring, Dr. Wily, New Leaf Villae and Skyloft stages, whereas 3DS has FE: Awakening Arena, DKCR, Super Mario 3D Land, Gerudo Valley, Spirit Tracks and Nintendogs stages. Judging by the trailer, it looks the 3DS gets the gimmicky stages and the Wii U gets more basic ones. Thank god because Brawl was FILLED with stupid gimmicks.

Wii Fit Trainer looks great! Her inclusion gives me the impression that Karate Joe has a good chance to be in. If she can be in, who can't?

I suspected Bowser and Samus got redone. Particularly Bowser. In the trailer I noticed the new drop kick, and one of the screenshots has him running properly. Samus looks like she got redone animations and looks more agile to compliment the Other M design. Sakurai confirmed my suspicions. Also, the game looks faster and heavier than Brawl, more like Melee, but the Brawl air dodge is there. I hope that means Ganondorf and Wario get redone as well, because their movesets makes no sense for them. Particularly Wario. His playstyle does not fit with faster and heavier mechanics. He should get a Wario Land-esque moveset with Wario World and Warioware nods instead of something completely original. Poor DK got the shaft again, his moveset is still same which means he'll still suck, won't he? :/ Give him a Donkey Kong Country focused moveset, Sakurai!

Most importantly

Lil Mac as good as confirmed. That Boxing Ring is the major circuit one, no doubt about it. I'm happy!

EDIT: Lil Mac, Mii and Pac Man are pretty much confirmed. The question is, when will they be revealed? They're apparently next.

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