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    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    I'm extremely happy to see her in Tropical Freeze (was the highlight for me until David Wise was announced as the composer), but I don't think it has any bearing in her inclusion. The roster has likely been finalized long before Tropical Freeze was announced after all.

    I'm actually hard-pressed on whether I want her or K.Rool instead. On one hand, we get a much need female, but on the other we also get a much need villain. I'm fine with both, but I'd say I'd rather see Dixie more.
    I'd rather see Donkey Kong getting four reps (the three Kongs and King K. Rool) over Star Fox (I don't think Star Fox warranted a third rep back in Brawl with Wolf, let alone a fourth rep with Krystal, a character some people are predicting).

    I realize you're predicting everyone from Brawl to return. I'm curious, but why? Don't you think a few of them will be benched (I'm referring to Ike, Wolf and R.O.B. specifically)?
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