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Yup, played all of the SSB games and loved them all! I still play SSBB with my two siblings and neither of us can wait for the new one!

As for characters, I'm hoping they put Mewtwo back in there and perhaps Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Him or maybe a female character from the Fire Emblem franchise, but God, not Lucina!

I'm not so sure they will be adding a new pokemon (besides Mewtwo) but am so rooting for Eevee! I can easily picture battling with one and for different colours (like Jigglypuff) it could be dressed in different accessories.

I think they should add another Donkey Kong Character since there are so little. With Legend of Zelda, they will probably change Link and Zelda to the Skyward Sword design, keep Toon Link the way he is and maybe change Ganondorf to look like the one from Wind Waker.
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