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    There are two events I'd be more than happy to host.

    1: A livestream session where I will design 5 sound effects based on the five most popular requests from the people of Pokecommunity. If I cannot effectively synthesize a particular sound, I will select the next sound with the highest number of votes.

    Each sound will be produced in up to three different DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) and I may also answer any questions about sound design to the best of my ability.

    The livestream will be hosted during the 7th of July, starting from 5 PM GMT (unless something comes up where I am unable to host the stream). I will provide a backup streaming time if necessary.

    2: Starting on July 6th, I will post an essay about things such as:

    The meaning of life
    How I overcame depression and self-pity
    An introduction to a new way of thinking
    The 11 Forgotten Laws
    Some of the greatest teachers on the subject of Self-Development and Living
    My 15 favorite quotes of all time
    My advice to those who are struggling emotionally

    These subjects will each have their own post, possibly more than one, depending on their length. Please read this essay with an open mind, as some of it may be unusual to the average person, maybe even absurd. But to anyone who seriously wants to achieve anything past mediocrity, I suggest you take your time and study some of the information I've gathered over the last three years. You might just learn something valuable.

    A Lucario named Zeke ventures into a forest one night and enters a portal,
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