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    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    Brawl wasn't supposed to have any cut characters aside from Pichu because he was a straight on joke character, but Roy, Mewtwo and Doctor had to be cut for Sonic.
    Ah, I see. The more you learn.

    Originally Posted by Mokoko View Post
    I'm not so sure they will be adding a new pokemon (besides Mewtwo) but am so rooting for Eevee! I can easily picture battling with one and for different colours (like Jigglypuff) it could be dressed in different accessories.
    Eevee changing to different types of Eeveelutions during its specials doesn't seem like such an out-there idea (even though, technically, that'd be impossible). I'd be down with that (plus, a Sylveon Smash to top it all off would be dope).

    There was a discussion on NeoGAF about possible console-exclusive characters. I was against the whole idea at first, but a poster then talked about Sakurai possibly seperating clones into different consoles (for example, Toon Link in Wii U and Young Link in 3DS, or Ike in Wii U and Chrom in 3DS). Different characters, same movesets. That really piqued my interest somehow. What do you guys think about console-exclusive characters (and console exclusivity in general)? Yay or nay?
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