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Originally Posted by Aurora. View Post
I got some test results back today. Damn good.

I managed to get 80/85 on my Religion half-yearly examination. It's an A, but it only puts me at eighth in the grade; I wanted to replicate my topping of the subject last year. Oh well. It was still an uplifting experience!

I bagged a 42/45 result on my History examination, which, while pitting me in equal first with three others for SPECIFICALLY this exam, has secured me the top spot for History in my grade as I topped the last examination I did.

The best part of getting these results back was finding out that I was the only person to score over 50 for my Commerce examination! I managed to achieve a result of 53/55, which was top of the year and has slated me as top of the subject in the grade. Damn sweet.

i hope this post doesn't make me look like a braggart
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Hmm . . .


Nothing at the moment that's making me feel super happy or anything but I currently don't have a whole lot to complain about, which is a good thing, right :p
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