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    Man, if I didn't have a Wii U already I'd have bought one just for this game and especially Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Mario 3D World looks good too I guess but I doubt it'd top NSMBU.

    Originally Posted by Mokoko View Post

    As for characters, I'm hoping they put Mewtwo back in there and perhaps Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Him or maybe a female character from the Fire Emblem franchise, but God, not Lucina!
    I'm with you, Lucina is awful. What baffles me though, is people rooting for her to replace Marth.
    I'm curious though, what female Fire Emblem character you want? (I hope to god it's not Tharjah)
    Originally Posted by Rest View Post
    There was a discussion on NeoGAF about possible console-exclusive characters. I was against the whole idea at first, but a poster then talked about Sakurai possibly seperating clones into different consoles (for example, Toon Link in Wii U and Young Link in 3DS, or Ike in Wii U and Chrom in 3DS). Different characters, same movesets. That really piqued my interest somehow. What do you guys think about console-exclusive characters (and console exclusivity in general)? Yay or nay?
    To be honest, I doubt there would be system-exclusive characters.

    Anyway I don't really see the point of that but I wouldn't mind. Personally though, if we can transfer characters (like a two way Pokemon Stadium) I'd have no problem with system exclusives. It means we get to get character like Dillon who otherwise has no chance.

    Originally Posted by Tetrakeet View Post

    Marth (Ike was fun too, but easy mode).
    How is Ike easy mode, but not Marth? :P It's the opposite. It's so god damn hard to win with Ike because he's terrible.

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