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Proof of Work:
Here's a quick script I wrote for my hack in XSE:
#org 0x80638F
setvar 0x4043 0x1
checkflag 0x534
if 0x1 goto 0x88063A6
setvar 0x4043 0x0

#org 0x8063A6
playsong 0x118 0x0
setweather 0x5
msgbox 0x88063FE 0x4 '"It's happening again..."
fadescreen 0x1
clearflag 0x535
showsprite 0x8
fadescreen 0x0
msgbox 0x8806418 0x4 '"Spirit: Brii! ENTER!!!!!"
fadescreen 0x1
setmaptile 0xC 0x7 0x4 0x0
setmaptile 0xC 0x8 0x4 0x0
setmaptile 0xC 0x9 0x4 0x0
special 0x8E
clearflag 0x536
showsprite 0x9
setflag 0x535
hidesprite 0x8
fadescreen 0x0
special 0x0

' Strings
#org 0x8063FE
= It's happening again...

#org 0x806418
= Spirit: Brii! ENTER!!!!!

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