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    They can pass this into law, but I can't see it being very effectual. At some point, they are going to be in a situation where they realize that the "traditional" way is not the only way. They are going to witness Homosexuality in their life, so you might as well as just teach them about it. Give them a proper education, so that they actually understand it. When they don't, that is what leads to bad things to happen. This generation of kids, while it might not be their fault, I can see growing up to be relatively homophobic, which in turn, would only continue such behaviors as this. The law, should it pass, would be definitely be a step-backward, and I would hope that it gets repealed before too long. But like Cassino said, people are probably pressured into voting in line with their party. I could see that happening in a politically stuffy country such as Russia, which would only make opposition to such a measure all the more difficult. It's terrible, but that being said, there is not exactly much that we could do about it other than wait and see what actually happens. This is the type of thing that Russia will have to work out for themselves, otherwise they truly won't understand and will continue to oppose such things.
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