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    Some years ago me and my cousin were playing TCG's together. We tried a whole bunch of them before settling with Pokemon. We ordered a bunch of decks from some old sets (we went with what we wanted to play back then) then stepping into competitive play we found out about the Rotation Cycle which happened to occur when we finally got good decks. Regardless we adapted by packing up the old stuff and getting new stuff. Events came and went. My cousin got busy with school life and stopped playing in events. Not long after I went to an event, the results there left me feeling horrible. Don't get me wrong I'm not usually a bad sport but losing roughly 4 times out of 5 can leave you feeling bad. Anyways so after that I packed up what was "current" and left the game alone. But I guess with the advent of 6th gen I'm wondering if I should give it a try once more. Which brings me to the real point of this thread (sorry :/ I had to explain things its how I work) what sets are in rotation right now? All my stuff is roughly Heart Gold to about the third Black and White set (I remember something about Victini). Also how do Team Plasma cards work? What's the meta now? And finally how should I go about getting back into it?

    OK scratch some questions. I was able to go to some sites and solve them. So now I just need to know what's the meta-game like? And how do team plasma decks work?
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