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    Hello everyone...
    I've recently started hacking gba roms... Ive pretty much learned the basics.
    Like editing what people say, changing the pokedex to the national one... Changing the main menu and intro logos.
    I want to make a leaf green hack. If anyone has advice or can give me some tips I would
    Reall appreciate it...
    I don't understand how to do a lot of stuff I'm still a noob.
    What I want to do is change all the pokemon sprites to the ds sprites, I know where the sprites are but the colours get messed up.
    Change the battlefield sprites to the ds sprites...
    Change the main hero battle sprites and overworld sprites
    And change the tilesets of the whole game
    I sort of know how to use the script editor but if anyone has any script templates that would really help
    I hope to release my hack soon
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