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Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
I just watched Star Trek: Into Darkness and I have to say that I love the new theme and the old theme!

New Theme:

Original Theme:
I have to agree with you on how good they are (haven't seen Into Darkness though). If anything I prefer the Star Trek theme to Star Wars. Or at least any of the pieces you can get off iTunes.

Transformers - Arrival to Earth. This has got to be one of my favourites ever. This particular version is slightly different to the version I have on iTunes, but still great.

"Raider's March" from Indiana Jones is a classic, and some of the Dark Knight Rises pieces are pretty good as well, such as "Rise", "Imagine the Fire" and "The Fire Rises" although if you didn't know the context they probably wouldn't come off that well. I heard Arrival to Earth the other day and couldn't remember what it was in, just knew it was great.

Also, not a piece exactly, more of a song, but "Django" from the Django Unchained soundtrack is pretty darn good.

Just going to put out two more links: At World's End from Pirates of the Caribbean. Loved playing that with my school orchestra. When it suddenly speeds up you just get kinda excited xD. And Oh Yeah from Ferris Bueller. It's basically used as a theme.
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