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Heya, welcome to the forum! Great to meet you. :)

Like Toshiro said, you should check out the Emulation board for all hacking-related info; there's a whole slew of useful things to tinker with over there. Make sure to ask questions regarding Emulation in the Emulation board, though, and not here in your introduction. The Welcome Lounge is a place to introduce yourself to your fellow forum members rather than ask for help! Emulation has a script help thread, team discussions subforum, and pleeenty of other things to keep you busy. It's pretty hard to start learning I've heard, but with enough effort you'll surely get there. Good luck and looking forward to seeing what you'll create for the community!

With that out of the way, you should totally share a bit more information about yourself with us. This thread seems more hacking-oriented, which would probably fit more in Emulation (as stated already), but I want to give you a chance to get to know us a bit. :D You're free to share however many details you want; we'd love to know when you got into Pokemon, for example, as well as what your favorite games are. It'd be nice to share what you're interested in outside of Pokemon too.. surely there are lots of things you take interest in, right? We have some wonderful off-topic boards to delve into, such as Video Games and Chit Chat & Polls.

While you're not required to add more info, it'd definitely be appreciated. It's a nice first step to getting settled into this awesome community. Perhaps we have some things in common that we don't know about yet, right?

Enjoy your stay on PokeCommunity and hope you stick around for a long time~

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