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Subway Surf
Fun game and makes me wanna have all the perks in the game like the characters, boards and maximize all the boost you can get

Zombie Defense
Kill zombies while you get coins from killing zombies and passing the levels. It's fun and addicting, I don't know how much levels they are but I've hit around level 210-ish and it's still going :D

Super MAMC
Weird game, hard to explain the concept but overall, there's huge monsters and you gotta stack condos with different colors together to make a bronze, silver or gold condo. Sometimes you get power ups and you can throw them to the monsters to gain the power-ups according to the monsters that are beside you. Sounds weird but it's fun, give it a try

4 Pics 1 Word
Title says it all, lol. You got 4 words and you have to find one word that relates them all together, you have 2 hint options but they cost money which you get by passing one level.

Penguin Run
It's almost the same thing as Temple Run but the background is nicer and you control a penguin instead of a human and you're running from a polar bear that is trying to eat you instead of deformed monkeys or whatever they are.

Zombie Smash
You have hordes of zombies coming to you and you gotta crush them with your fingers, if any of them passes a certain point in the game 3 times, you lose. You also gotta make sure you don't kill the humans anyways it's game over instantly.

Candy Crush Saga
I think everyone knows this game, no? haha. You have to line up candies according to their colors and with each level you gotta do it with some specific challenges in order to pass it.

You have a bunch of eyes twirling around a monster and you got to pop the colors according to the color it's currently showing on the top right, if the eyes reaches to the mouth of the monster, it's game over for you.
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