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Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
I think we're all entitled to whatever interpretation of "fairy" we come up with.

You think they're demons, draw a demon. You think they're pixies, draw a pixie. You think they're something else?! Draw it. Personally, I think all ideas have potential. The thing is, nothing on the main page is the be-all-end-all. If you decide 6 months down the road that, wow, that [insert fakemon] sucks now, you can redraw it! So Sunny, draw whatever you want. And if we go back later and decide it could be enhanced to fit a "better" definition of Fairy-Type as per Game Freak's opinions, so be it.

I trust you guys and your artistic intuition. There's no reason we can't showcase all the different facets of a "fairy" as we understand it.
Oh no no no!
I didn't mean it like a negative message! :O

I was pointing out how ironic it was that we were talking about disliking the idea that we didn't like having tinkerbells and whatnot, and then Gamefreak made one themselves

I totally know everyone has different views and stuff!
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