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Name: Nikholas Parsson.
Nicknames/Aliases: Nikko or Nikk.
Age: 15... And 6 months, but, who cares.
Gender: Male
D-Arc Color/Colors: Blue & Dark Slate-Blue
Symbol: The Vessel of Willpower.


Family: [FATHER] Stephen Parsson; Age 38; Assistant Manager at a Car Dealer Agency.
[MOTHER] Dolores Rochfort; Age 35; Secretary at The Cookie Factory.
[BROTHER] Owen Parsson; Age 18; High-School Student.
[SISTER] Lettice Parsson; Age 10; Elementary School-Student.

Occupation: High-School Student. Homework to no end, wut wut!

Appearance: Click the character's name to see a Mii of what Nikholas roughly looks like. Then proceed to read the following, or don't, I'm cool with whatever:

He has a round face, rather chubby in fact. A beard is growing and taking over his face as we speak, almost hiding the somewhat pointy chin Nikko possesses. Somewhat round eyes of a dark green, almost gray, can be found here. He has lush hair of a deep brown, that almost looks of a crimson red under bright sunlight, and ends up with two spikes that go towards the left (when seeing him from the front). One thing that particularly seems to stand out are his thick eyebrows. It's like a capillary forest in there... Seriously.

His body complexion is somewhat chubbier than one would expect for someone his age. Not obese morbid, of course, but not precisely thin, either... 170lbs, with a height of 6 inches. His clothing is wide as to allow more comfortability, and shows that he is actually younger than he looks like. Dude looks like a geezer, yo!

His oufit, this particular day, consists of a light gray dress shirt, nothing peculiar about it, it's just like the one depicted in the previous link, if not identical. He's also wearing regular denim jeans with no special traits to them. The belt he wears in these has a plated, oval-shaped crest with an inverted triangle embossed in it. The only accessory he likes to wear is a simple, black digital watch on his left wrist. On the pockets of his pants you'll find a black pen, plus loads of chunks of paper, blank and with stuff written in them. From the obvious random cellphone number to the "i.o.u. a hug"s.

History: When his parents met, it was as cheesy as it could be. Some flowers, chocolates, baby talking, 20$ rings, then a hotel room and BOOM! They turned into father and mother shortly after they became husband and wife.

Add a tablespoon of amnesia, and repeat. Congratulations, you produced your secondborn! Duplicate the previous dose of amnesia for better results. Please contact Customer Service if you did not obtain a Nikholas this time.

Problems had already risen on the Parsson household, even before Nikko's arrival. Communication amongst all members (then and now) sucks. They barely remember what each other's favorite color is... It's probably Blue... or Red... or Green... or Yellow? Who knows!

Yelling and arguing is something rather common for them, even after they left quiet Nashville and moved to the bustling city of New York. Although, to be fair, switching an enormous house for a reduced space that is constantly engulfed by the sounds of the nearby elevator of their apartment didn't precisely "help" to their situation.

They all also seem to think they can win their arguments by yelling the loudest. Did the neighbors complain? Yes, a lot of times, actually. Did they take said complaints into account? ... Not really.

His brother spends most of his time either in his school. Well, not ALL of it, but you get the idea. Clubs, extracurricular activities and whatnot. And, when he is at home, he's doing homework. He's either that much of a great student or hates his family... Possibly both.

From an early age, Nikko showed to be fascinated by computers. The way they work, all the tasks they perform... And yes, even the way they devour people in Sci-Fi movies from the previous century. And while he only acquired his first computer when he was 12, he does know his technology, if he does say so himself.

His relationship with his parents has always been... peculiar. If they're not yelling at him, they're at work, yelling to other employees. They don't really have any "special family memories" to share... It's actually kind of surprising how they haven't killed themselves out of distress already...

His sister was a beautiful blessing... once the initial shock of a third pregnancy had faded. Yes, Lettice is a very beautiful accident. But then again, they're all wonderful accidents of god.

His sister is nice, kinda. They're not BFFs or brother/sister of the year, but they somehow get along, somewhat... His brother and him... He supposes they also do, but then again, who's to say when the mister is rarely at home, and awake, for that matter.

His school experiences are all normal. No bullies, which is great. No douchebags that hit people over their lunch money... only arrogant douchebags galore!

While he has asked numerous times, his parents have never agreed to let him join a technology club for no apparent reason. He, however, is assisting to it every Saturday. His parents couldn't care less about what he does in his free time, so they are either clueless about this or simply don't care at all.

Both parents work both turns, as to avoid seeing each other and their children. However, and as to keep Social Services away from them, they have hired numerous nannies across the years. He has nothing against them, but Lettice, Owen and Nikko can take care of themselves very well, as such these so called "nannies" only get paid for watching TV, breathing, and overall existing. It's like a dream job for them.

With so few communication amongst this family you'd expect more hatred and arguments than there are words in this sentence, times seven million. And they are, over the most simple thing, be it not washing your dishes or accidentally scratching the mahogany furniture of the house. After all, it's mahogany! Isn't it?

Sometimes Nikko begins to think how his life would be if he was in another world. One where he could begin anew. No regrets, just love. Dancing until the sun went down and whatnot.

Personality: A very bright young man. You could actually say he's smart. Smart enough to obtain an A+ if he so wanted to (which he doesn't, by the way, he conforms with a C+ or a B-), and also quite informed on a few topics, not too many, but yes, a few of them...

Restless due to his somewhat inquisitive nature. There are times when he can't help but get hooked by a certain topic, and if that happens then he'll soon develop an obsession over them. He will then try to find out as much info as it is possible regarding these. And then it will become his number one topic of discussion. It is up to you if you'll find it annoying or not. ...Because I do, and a lot.

Hates being alone, because he gets bored with excessive ease. He, however, would prefer the company of someone else over that of his family. They're nice and all, but they're also... special... as in, very special. As such, he's either surrounded by his school friends or his Internet friends at most times.

A fun-loving guy, that can throw one or two puns at you. They're mostly bad, but, oh well... No one gave him the Puns 101 lessons, so it's not his fault... entirely.

Reserved to those he doesn't know. If your not in his friend circle or part of his family then he won't talk to you unless you talk to him. Although, if you do, you'll find out he likes to talk... a lot. About any given topic, really, mostly of his obsessions.

Realistic, although varying to the negative side of things at some times. He doesn't seem to get along with those who are too positive about things, if at all. He considers them to be... excessively happy. Caring for others, but only if he knows them well enough. He tends to be easily manipulable, so, if you're his friend, you'll find out he rarely says no to anything you would say or ask.

Kind but unforgiving. No matter what you do that he doesn't like, he's set to hold a grudge against you ninety-nine percent of the time. Mostly because of silly things that some people wouldn't mind or care about. I guess the dude is just that sensitive...

Finally, he's a tiny bit of a geek... A little bit... Okay, a lot. He's mister McGeeker, in fact. Obsessed with gadgets and technological gizmos to no end. He even has a wide knowledge on coding and programming (it's actually very limited, but he brags saying he knows a lot of it). Yup, a tech-wiz and whatnot.


Digimon: Pupumon
Level: Baby 1
Appearance: A regular Pupumon in every single way, with the only difference being a blue, tiny ribbon in its left wing.
Personality: "Meeeep!" - The only articulated sound Pupumon can produce.

It is a joyful, and overall innocent Digimon species. It is always willing to learn from Nikko and as such keeps following him around wherever he goes, although Nikko won't really let him do so some times. Extremely curious and annoyingly sociable. It's always following and sniffin' things, as well as strangers out of no particular reason (if he isn't following Nikko) and also clumsy to no end. Somewhat absent-minded, and could forget what he's doing with ease. Stubborn enough to chase his goals just as long as he doesn't forget which these are...


Poison Bubbles Jp: 毒のアワ (Doku no Awa). Spits poisonous bubbles from its mouth.
History: It was a dark and stormy night... under the sea... in heaven... in Hawaii!
No wait, I think I'll just start over.

Actually, no, he was just an egg. Doing egg things in the eggiest way possible. As such, it is impossible to determinate where he was before his birth. Although the one thing he does remember is when he hatched.

Hey, I have just hatched!
And this is crazy!
But the ground is shaking!
It's scary, maybe?

He got no single glimpse of his world. Nothing but the ground swallowing him, and then, disgusting smells in a magical, steel container with stinky, unknown food thingies.



Other: He has an easy understanding of technology, particularly some areas of coding and programming. Not much of them, but yes, a few...
Theme: Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise. I figure it fits because of the constant kerfuffles that happen in Nikko's family. o3o


Nikholas had been darting across the immense gatherings of people of Times Square. How he hadn't been smashed by their destructive feet or ran over by a killer Taxi cab still remained a mystery for him. The different shapes and sizes of the people around him were blocking his sight, like they always do. He wasn't really sure of where he was, but any place was better than his place.

That particular day he had visited his mother on The Cookie Factory. He wasn't allowed past the lobby, like it always had happened on previous visits, so he figured he would just venture around that Saturday. He had saved up quite some money so he wouldn't have much of a problem. Besides, they're a bunch of wine-cats for not even letting him stay at the lobby.

Taboon Restaurant came into view. Neatly assorted chairs and tables stood behind a white, plastic fence with the always common red chair logo embossed in it. The curtains behind the windows were all placed at equal distance, and the delicious scents and flavor flooded the nearby people. Nikholas was no exception.

At least he had reached the place he wanted. Finally, thought Nikko as he took a chunk of paper from his pocket once he step away from the ever-walking crowds. He then started to carefully unwrap the already horrible-looking piece of newspaper he had torn that morning.

"Mysterious object crashes at Taboon Restaurant Window" he read as he examined the window that was included in the photo. Apparently an oval-shaped object appeared out of nowhere and collided against the window. According to the local townsfolk, it either "fell from the sky" or proves that "God is mad at us", sometimes both. No traces of the object were found. And security cameras showed that it indeed appeared out of nowhere, and actually looked like an egg.

Nikko stared deep into the previously beautiful window. It was cracked in almost every place imaginable, but somehow managed to resist the impact without breaking. In the center of the window, a circle of cracks stood. Probably where the egg stroke, he immediately thought.

He decided to board a cab. He had been staring at the window without a reason for more than two hours, and he was starting to run low on money after boarding so many of the yellow vehicles. Raising his hand he signaled the yellow vehicle to stop.

The person-carrying machine didn't bother to stop itself. God. Damnit. I didn't even want to ride it, anyways! Kicking a soda can in the floor towards a nearby alley, he resumed his walk in the now dissipating crowd of New York. His loss. I'm the best passerby that'll ever sit in these cabs.... It also granted him with more time to examine the crime scene of this anonymous vandalic act.

And somehow... he could tell just by looking at the window that he would meet the culprit anytime soon. But that's just too dumb. There's no such way he could find the one responsible for an egg falling from the sky, now, could he?

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