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Delta Mayor & Nathaniel Calaway (featuring Oakley North) -
- Paris, France

"Move out of my way," Delta said rather confidentially considering how the man in front of her was almost a foot taller than her when she wasn't wearing heels and weighed twice as much as she did. "Or I'll kill you."

It didn't take long for her to swear in Polish, as she tried to move her left shoulder, it ached from the impact. She stood up and brushed off her all black clothing, then passed into the Atlantean man purposely slamming her now crystallized shoulder right into his stocky frame while she strolled passed him. The passing thought of fighting him to the death nagged at her, but there happened to be a bigger threat at hand, he would have to wait until after. There wasn't any way in the hell, which Paris had become; she would let anyone "save" her like some sort of desperate damsel. Delta suspected with a face like that any other girl would be quick to do as he suggested, too bad that wasn't in her plans. A quick check to her lip, nose, and eyebrow told Delta that all her piercings were secured. The different colored beads in her braided hair rattled with every step she took toward the cement creature that had staggered backwards as a result of the trick the man had done. He had frozen something in the air and used that as an attack, is this what they were taught to do in the Royal Family? Clearly his ability was that to manipulate ice, perhaps there was some sort of special name for ilt but at this point Delta couldn't care less. A vibration in the air caused Delta to look over to where the band was at, the lead singer was now engaged in combat with... a light? The Royal Family was here indeed, or so she thought.

"Get," Delta announced aloud as she crystallized both her hands and slammed them into the creatures chest, it had little to no effort on the drummer. Instinctively the block of cement raised both his rather large arms and slammed them down where Delta was located. Fast as she could Delta had sped behind the Atlantean and gave a high angled kick to the back of his heavily covered neck before his oversized hands touched the ground. The heel dug into a weak spot, though it was unknown to Delta why the spot was particularly damaging. The thick layers of his cement overlapped in a way that dealt pain to Matthias when hit in the right spots. As a result the drummer bellowed out in pain, without hesitation she dropped down to deliver two simultaneous punches to the back of each of his knees, "To." The man before her twirled around faster than she imagined was possible for something his size. By the time his fists shattered into the earth below them Delta had launched herself backwards into a string of backflips. A burning meteor crashed mere centimeters behind her. Both Atlanteans charged at each other, the strange man that was watching probably thought she was crazy for doing such a bold and reckless action. Matthias brought back one of his hands and swung it at Delta who simply jumped over it, and landed higher up on his armored arm. Before the realization sunk in to simply shake her off she had already made her to his shoulder where Delta locked her crystallized hands and brought the fists down on the Atlantean's head and then the same spot where she did it before. This caused the same deep yell as before, as well as increasing the rage of the armored Atlantean. "Safety!" The absurdity that this man must have to possess to tell her such a thing was enormous, Delta couldn't help but say the same thing back to the man while displaying her impressive training and ability almost flawlessly. Before she could utter another word the hands of Matthias had tighten around her and easily flung Delta into another tree nearer to the newcomer. This time Delta had caught on rather quickly as she flew threw the air, but she still slammed into the trunk of the tree though this time she grabbed a branch and hoisted herself up in the tree. While she still suffered damage it was lessen by quick thinking. Delta landed next to the serious looking Atlantean.

"Or are you just going to stand there?" mocked Delta as she regained her footing. The music itself had stopped altogether now, which meant the final member of the band was engaged in a fight.

"I was putting together a plan. And now seeing that you are an Atlantean, the plan has changed a bit," Nathaniel said, stretching out a bit. "Stay here and rest a bit. I'll probably need you later. I need to try something first."

"Did you lose your hearing, Ice Boy?" Delta huffed as she slowly curled both her crystallized hands into a fist and back to a hand again, she enjoyed making a show of it. Hell, the stranger hadn't even bother to introduce himself. "You. Don't. Command. Me." With every word she paused for a dramatic effect then jabbed a harden finger into his chest and it looked like it felt, musclar.

"Given your injuries you are in no place to argue," Nathaniel said sternly. "Now, sit down and shut up."

Minor injuries, Delta wanted to exclaim but she held herself back for some odd reason. Whatever he requested of her woudn't happen, it was sheer stubbornness inside of her that resented to the idea of submitting to anyone. The opportunity that this man was about to deliver to her was one Delta couldn't pass up, not if she planned on playing the proper cards. If she got to glimpse his powers in all its glory then perhaps she would learn how to counteract them, after all Delta still planned on killing him later. From what she heard the Atlantean Royal Family was absolute scum, plus the world had no use for a lesser Atlantean. "You know what, hot stuff? Go right ahead, I can't wait to be cheering on the sidelines." Delta said a little too cheerfully with a smile that became rather smirky in seconds.

"Thank you," Nathaniel said returning her smile before twisting it into a grimace. Good, now I don't have to worry about anyone getting in my way, Nathaniel thought to himself. Given how his abilities worked, it was easy to cause...friendly fire. Freezing parts of areas, launching ice minor weapons, and successfully entrapping people (well, most of the time) in any sort of trap he could conceive in his head were the basic tricks he had picked up in his intense week of training. Given all this information, his ability had a glaring weakness when it came to "teamwork": his ability had a wide area of effect and it affected enemies as well as allies. Only he was immune to his ability, which is a thankful benefit. Though he found himself ditching his jacket more often due to overheating. A first world Atlantean problem no doubt. Nathaniel walked away from the other Atlantean, who rudely did not introduce herself and approached the Cement Atlantean. He needed to stop the man and that would probably involve killing the man, but Nathaniel had already did that once before. Just remember that is for all the right reasons. He had to keep telling himself that. That's all he had to do.

As Nathaniel stepped closer to the man and when he was within earshot Nathaniel dared to speak: "What is your name, Atlantean?"

"Matthias," he answered, easily enough. "What's it to you?" Matthias seemed to put on a new layer of armor, filling the cracks left in by the crystals of Nathaniel's new "friend."

"I will give you a chance to surrender, Matthias. Stand down and let me stop whatever your leader is doing."

"Or what? You are going to kill me?"

"I have killed an Atlantean before with barely any training. What do you think I can do with it?" Nathaniel said as his eyes narrowed.

"Oh lord," Delta let out an exasperated sigh, he was bargaining with the enemy? How had this one killed someone? One doesn't tell the other that they're planning on killing them, just do it. The serious thoughts of killing someone had entered Delta's mind on multiple occasions since she became an Atlantean, one day she'd kill that Tomasz character. The feelings afterward were always told as if was an unbearable thing for someone to go through, was it? Taking away someone's life was victorious; it showed you had the strength that the other didn't possess. Through the smoke and fire, passed Ice Boy and Matthias was a distinct blonde haired girl who had charged into battle with the bassist. A few meters passed her was another strange boy with... a crossbow, he seemed to be aiding the other Atlantean who shot light from his hands.

Without uttering a word, Matthias lunged forward with a herculean cement fist crushing the ground that Nathaniel once stood at, sidestepping the attack and unleashing a small trap. He's predictable. The ground Nathaniel stood on was frozen solid, giving him enough ice to launch a minor trap, ensnaring Matthias' fist in ice and locking his legs to the ground. Unable to move, Nathaniel fashioned himself a bladed ice gauntlet and went to stab Matthias in the side, hoping to simply cripple the man and end the fight easily enough. However, as Nathaniel stepped forward and stabbed the armor in the side, his blade shattered. Matthias broke free from Nathaniel's clever ruse and backhanded Nathaniel, forcing Nathaniel slide across the ground in a seemingly gruesome display.

"Gooo Ice Boy!" Delta yelled and then followed it up with heartily laughter as she watched the armored Atlantean swat him away like he was a fly. It was hard to imagine that he really had taken the life of another Atlantean Delta bet he was buffing to make himself seem more powerful than he was. Frighten the opponent before you fight them, it was a good tactic that might've worked on someone who was a complete moron, but Delta wasn't falling for it one bit. Focus was lost as Delta spotted the same girl again, as she fearlessly went into battle covered in metal. There would've been applause had Delta not have the obligation to kill her or in the very least fight her. When it came to this Atlantean world so far there were two warring factions (that Delta knew), the Atlantean Royal Family and the Atlantean Unification Project. If an Atlantean was with one they were against the other, which meant they were enemies. In her short week spent in the headquarters Delta learned that ARF and AUP were different in the ways they saw things and how they acted upon situations. It was made apparent that they weren't on friendly terms. That meant any elimination of the enemies was beneficial for the AUP, the justification for killing them was valid. The very least Delta would do was gather information, but the itch to fight to test her skill in battle was overwhelming. There wasn't any other way she could prove her worth, not to the AUP but to herself. Lifting up the back of her leather jacket her fingers wrapped around the gun Delta kept holstered there. The lingering of her fingers subsided as the battle was starting to get interesting again so the handgun stayed tucked in, for now.

With a shuffle on the ground, Nathaniel rose from the ground, with only minor scrapes and a bloody face as a testament to the attack he just took. Pieces of ice were cracking off different parts of his body, as Nathaniel stole Matthias' idea and covered his body in thin layer of ice. It didn't absorb all the contact, but enough to soften the blow. "Well, that was cold." Nathaniel groaned, cracking his neck back into place.

"Man, this fight has really cooled down, can we turn up the heat?" Delta complained, there wasn't anything worse she could think of then being sidelined.

Nathaniel ran up to Matthias, formulating in his mind a better plan than before. Something more direct. Matthias geared up another punch, but Nathaniel slid under Matthias launching up a number ice lances into his joints, causing Matthias to groan in agony. Matthias nearly stomped Nathaniel, but he nimbly rolled out of the way. Matthias shattered most of the ice lances that Nathaniel impaled into him, reminding Nathaniel that his ice attacks were not very effective on his stone faced opponent. Matthias swung wildly, but his great size and with the cement weighing him down it slowed his strength. Nathaniel sidestepped one strike after the other leaving Matthias was out of breath and he was clearly hampered by something. He could see his own breath and his own breathing became shallow. "Not a fan of the cold air, are you Matthias?" As the fighting went on, Nathaniel did his best to chill the air around him. Few people are used to cold weather, and only where they stood turned into something of a winter wonderland, as ice littered the area and a cool mist seemed to consume each corner of stage. It was a perplexing sight, blending the few romantic elements of winter with the terrifying sight of war. Matthias' breathing continued to weaken, as Nathaniel closed to the distance between them. Matthias lifted up a large cement hand down to the ground, crumbling it beneath Nathaniel's feet, putting him off balance and attempted to deliver a thunderous kick to Nathaniel's chest, but the lack of good air entering his lungs made the attempt feeble. Nathaniel seized the opportunity and avoided the attack, charging into Matthias after cloaking himself in another set of ice armor. The direct shoulder first charge did little to Matthias but knock him over, cracking his stone-like armor enough to create a weak point. But nothing more.

Nathaniel, himself, was growing tired of these games both literally and figuratively. It was too difficult, even with the ring strengthening his abilities, to only use the water molecules in the air as his ammunition for his ice attacks, and Matthias was too hard of a nut to crack. His armor was a perfect counter to Nathaniel's ability. But an idea was growing in his head. He turned to the other Atlantean. "Hey, you rested enough? Willing to hear me out? I got an idea."

The tides of battle were constantly shifting, if anything Matthias was becoming more of a nuisance. The newer Atlantean, Delta saw, was doing all he could to slow and damage the giant boulder of a man, but even Delta herself found it difficult to do. A sudden chill in the air caused Delta to grip the zipped edges of her jacket and bring them closer together. Considering there were flaming meteors raining down it didn't take long for the warmness to get back Delta. These varied temperatures didn't affect the parts of her body that were crystallized, which would be a perk if she chose to fight him. "About time I was invited to the party, I thought I got left out in the cold." An impatient Delta hurried over to join him with a twisted smile and stood at his side.

"Cut the attitude."

"Cut the orders," Delta seethed with anger and whipped her body in such a fashion so that the end result was her standing directly in front of him. His stoic face wasn't inviting, Delta's blatantly flaunted her rage, she was having trouble holding in. Her green eyes did not leave his for a moment, "I am not, nor will I ever be your underling. You have my ear for five more seconds before I kill him myself."

"Okay, I'll make this simple: We fight together, we can walk out of this fight in one piece and take out the guy who is responsible for the city going to sh*t. We don't, we probably won't be any condition to save anyone," Nathaniel said, looking at Matthias and back to her. The woman had an attitude problem but Nathaniel was in no position to be looking around for new allies.

"That's your brilliant idea? Fighting together?" Delta scoffed, but took a moment to think about it. Surely there was some sort of strategic plan that could be made with both of their powers on this cement armored Atlantean. "Do you have any specifics? Or am I free to go, Dowódca?" Mockingly she saluted him, the last word spoken in Polish meaning "commander".

"Look, given your personality, I am not sure you were going to even like the idea in the first place. If you are willing to take it from there, then I can actually put two and two together!"

"MY personality?" said Delta taken back with absolute shock, had she heard what he spoken properly? If anything he was lucky that Delta didn't kill on him the spot when she met him, he had nerve, and a lot of it, to talk to her in such a disrespectful manner. Breathing deeply, she continued, "Excuse me, I'm not the frigid one here. Spit out your plan already it's been five seconds."

"Well, clearly getting rid of the armor is the only way of actually hurting him. My ice can't pierce it effectively enough, but I could rip it apart if I could get on the inside. That's where you come in. Your crystal attacks cracked the armor pretty well. Crack his armor, fill some water in the cracks and I can rapidly expand the water by freezing it. Armor will be torn apart and he will be left exposed," Nathaniel sounded pretty confident in his plan, even if it was put together at the last second.

"And then we kill him." Delta finished with a firm voice, as if there wasn't any other option in her mind.

"I'd rather not, but if we have to, yes," Nathaniel did his best to rebuke the statement, but it was likely she was right.

"Are you sure you've actually killed someone? You don't seem like you could handle the "burden" that comes with it. In fact, you don't seem like you can handle this life," She stared longingly at his face in hopes that it would reveal some sort of tell or emotion that would confirm her hunch.

Nearby rambunctious stomps were coming their way and from none other than Matthias who wasn't interested in letting them continue their speedy conversation. Mere seconds before Delta ran out into the smoked and fire infested field and twisted her body into a front flip she saluted the taller Atlantean. Thankfully the behemoth of an Atlantean followed her actions with a keen eye, which lead him away from Ice Boy and toward a more suitable opponent. A feeling of satisfaction rippled across her face, in the midst of fighting is where she truly felt at home, falling meteors, flaming trees included. It wasn't her ideal battlefield, but it kept Delta on her heels. Matthias' movements were unsurprisingly faster, and Delta could've sworn she noticed some sort of twisted smile form. Plenty of water made its home near the Eiffel Tower, a fact that wasn't in favor of her victory if she were to pursue a second duel. All Delta must do was draw the armored man diagonally passed the Eiffel Tower and a small pond of water that was halfway surrounded by trees was there or the very distanced river that was behind the Eiffel Tower. As it stood there hardly be a need to travel to either distance, as there was a shallow fountain that stood a few meters from where they currently stood. It'd be for the best if Delta took him over to the further pond for coverage from the trees would provide for a healthy escape route, if needed. Only if the challenge of fighting this newer Atlantean arise, Delta knew it in her heart that she must fight him until both had been bloodied beyond saving. Matthias interrupted her thoughts by rushing forward and swinging both his arms like wrecking balls, Delta had no doubt she would've wound up halfway out of Paris by now if she had not taken a step to the left in the knick of time. Fortunate for her Matthias' brute strength was far greater than either his speed or his wits. The crystallization of only her body was what really held this fight back; relying on her heels to do damage without breaking was horrid on the tactical side of things. Only utilizing ones hands was a tough thing indeed, Delta swore in Polish as the barrage of attacks Matthias threw her way were too slow. When an opening occurred Delta took a play out of Ice Boy's playbook and slid underneath Matthias, through his legs, and in a fury released a set of well-aimed punches.

The obnoxious yowl of the Atlantean normally would've grated Delta's eardrums, but for now she found them quite pleasing. Taking this as a prime opportunity she sprinted across the way passed the falling meteors and other Atlantean that fought Matthias' bandmates, the blonde in particular. There was little time to dwell on them; the threat was ensnared in her trap. Full of nothing but rage he bull rushed his way towards Delta smashing and swinging his gigantic armored arms, wasn't that the least bit tedious? Then there she stood a bit further ahead of the pond because this plan wouldn't succeed if Matthias even got wind of this bit of it. Now, Delta must create as many cracks and fissure across the armor as possible before she promptly lured him into the water. By repeatedly attacking the joints and other such weak spots they begin to give way. First, Delta waited until he drew closer then she ran toward and around him dodging his numerous swats, then she hit him hard in the armpit before his arms lowered. The renegade drummer caught on to the strategy to ruin his heavily protective armor and started to back away toward more cement. Grass lay beneath their feet leaving nearly it possible for Matthias to successfully regenerate his armor as he did before. The twists and turns that Delta had weaved around Matthias left him confused, the moment he began to walk backwards was the exact moment when victory had turned in their favor. Unfortunately for Matthias his feet weren't taking him back to where they came from, no, he was heading for the pond of water. When he was at the water's edge Delta launched herself at him, feet first (or rather toes first, to avoid snapping her heels), to send him spiraling back into the water. From there she took advantage of Matthias' shock and knocked his legs out from underneath him. Finally, Delta pounced on top and rapidly slammed her fists into the armor one last time before she slid off toward his head. The water was no longer calm, waves raged as the Atlantean squirmed for his life.

"Do it now, Dowódca!" Delta yelled trying to keep the cement man's head under, his arms flailed wildly trying to grip her body.

Nathaniel followed the fight to the pool of water and with a huge smile dipped his hands into the pool. "Get out of the water now!" Delta fled the water before she too froze along side with him, she had done her part. It was time for this Atlantean to do his. Matthias was free of Delta, but his armor was cracked and full of holes, reminders of the onslaught he faced. But Matthias was hardly a fool and stood up to charge at Nathaniel, as he remembered what Nathaniel's ability was all about. He lunged forward at Nathaniel, but Nathaniel unleashed the full range of his ability, freezing the pool of water and Matthias in a single moment, leaving only Matthias' head untouched. Matthias' skin turned into a distinct shade of blue, his body clearly chilled to the bone. His breathing and speaking became a weak stutter at best. Nathaniel had assumed control, and walked on the ice towards Matthias, confident in this moment. "Will you surrender now?"

A grin was plastered on Delta's face; finally she had brought down the cement beast. Well, the assistance that she hadn't asked for chimed in, but it was a delightful victory indeed. Granted, Delta had not stopped the monster that was destroying this poor city by making it hell. Calmly Delta moved forward as her ally in combat froze the man. No, there wasn't any surrendering now, death was eminent whether he wanted to accept that or not. In order so that the strange man wouldn't Delta stop her she acted in a swift manner, she swiftly brought herself onto one leg the other darted away from her and smashed into the living human sculpture. In the next instant Delta smashed through the remaining body with a left hook from her crystallized fist, leaving nothing but the head on the ground. In her crystallized hands she lobbed the dead Atlantean's head at Ice Boy, "Now, he surrendered." Though, that wasn't enough for Delta, nothing ever was.

Nathaniel could only sigh at the sight. Whoever she was, her attitude towards killing was all too familiar to James' as they looked at life as if it meant to nothing. It seemed that these abilities were more than newfound powers; it became a way to dominate others. Dominate others at whatever cost. Killing. Killing became the quickest way to prove you were better than something else. Nathaniel kept his cool, and did not pick another fight. No, he had more important things to take care of. But this moment...he wouldn't forget it. "A bit unnecessary, but I suppose the deed is done. Good work," Nathaniel said. "I will tend to their leader now and end this...thing before anyone else gets hurt." Nathaniel turned away from the other Atlantean and made his way back to the tower, hoping to find an easy way to the where the leader kept himself.

It took a lot of nerve to turn one's back on another individual, some took for granted that another wouldn't stab them there. So, that's when Delta made her move toward the only other living Atlantean. Fingers fastened around the handle of the gun, as she removed it from her jeans. A miracle that it had survived, but at this point there wasn't time to think of such things. As of right now, there wasn't a chance in hell that she could fully defeat the man. "At the moment the outcome of my victory isn't likely with the unfortunate location of water here, but don't ever underestimate me. You'd eventually succumb to the vast number of lacerations and wounds I gave you leaving no true victor, got that?" The last part may have been a slight overestimation, Delta wasn't one to openly admitting weakness. The gun never moved an inch, it's cold presence was pressed firmly into the back of the ice manipulator's neck. Her body tensed, ready for a second plan of action if need be, which Delta secretly hoped would happen. It was a shame, Delta saw potential in this man, he wasn't as weak as the other Atlanteans she was forced to partner beside, "I don't find you Royal Family scum appealing in the slightest, at least the Atlantean Unification Project has a mantra I can tolerate for the moment."

Nathaniel raised his hands in the air, as to show his backing down. Though, in reality, seizing control of the situation would be easy but tiresome. Nathaniel could freeze the gun and with part of the arm of his aggressor. Then he could turn around, freeze her in place and walk away. Simple, easy and efficient. He could try talking his way out of it too, but she didn't seem the type to be open to conversation.

"Heeey!" a familiar voice shouted from the end of the street, the blonde haired girl with the armour covering one full arm. She was running, albeit not very fast, towards her 'friend' and his... companion/enemy (she wasn't too sure. The battle had been hard to determine from where she had been). The Librarian said to stick together, why had he told her to stay behind? She wasn't the same little girl she was a week ago!

The two turned to face Oakley, and by this time Oakley was in touching distance, thrusting her arm out. Instead of pushing this girl out of the way, she grabbed Nathaniel with her massive hand, expanding in size until her entire hand could reach around him. The armour moved further down her body, but she didn't care for it right now, holding him into the air, like a bully forcing lunch money out of a poor, ice-manipulating kid. She looked at him like she was about to crush him to death, but added a coy smile when Nathaniel began to legitimately look worried.

"Let me go, b*tch! Or I will put both of you on ice!" Nathaniel growled, lightly icing Oakley's arm just to demonstrate his point. Acting "mean" was hardly a specialty of his, but channeling his inner James was decent enough inspiration to get the point across.

"Fine, I'll let you go!" she said, lobbing him down the street. While together with the Librarian, they had never really had the chance to spar. No, Nathaniel and James had become best friends and had always left Oakley behind. She felt a little mad, perhaps was that frustration burning under the surface? The heat of anger felt a little out of place, but it really did help her fuel her ability. Was that a good thing? "How was that, jerk!?"

Nathaniel groaned as he picked himself off the ground. Oakley's throw packed a bit more punch than he expected, but then again, she was probably trying to prove to him that she was just as capable as he or James was. Well, if she was going to try that hard, then Nathaniel was obliged to return the favor. "The other armored guy was a bit more frightening, little girl." Nathaniel was originally simply going to launch some ice spears at them like he generally did, but Nathaniel wanted to make Oakley look somewhat impressive. Creating several ice spears Nathaniel readied to launch them at Oakley from all sides. "Hope you can dodge," Nathaniel launched one spear, narrowly missing Oakley's head. It was meant to hit around her. Note to self: work on aim. He decided to try again and launched another one, trying to aim more at her armored hand.

"I don't need dodge," she took the gift that had been given and threw a punch at ice spear, shattering it. Wait, why did he say that? Was he trying to be... dramatic? She could do that! She let her armour spread to her other arm and destroyed the other ice spears with ease like a shiny Wreck-it-Ralph, carefully trying to avoid knocking out her enemy friend person. Was Nathaniel intentionally making these spears out of crappy ice or was it just because it was... well, ice? Like glass? Small shards blasted past her face, some slightly cutting her face with the cold. She threw another line out there, trying to be funny. "I'll kill you like you killed my mother!"

What...? Nathaniel thought to himself. The comment was so off putting that the loss of concentration crumbled the rest of Nathaniel's weak ice structures (there was hardly enough water to make a large structure though he had enough spears to attack). Without much energy left in his tank, Nathaniel hoped to find something to finish the brief skirmish and have an excuse to retreat.

While he hesitated, Oakley took this as her turn again, pushing out herself forward and throwing a punch at her 'enemy'. Of course, Oakley pulled the punch to his gut (if she actually punched him, she probably would have forced his lungs out of him or something) but made contact, enough to throw him away from her and the girl and into a pile of Paris-rubble. Hopefully it was soft.

Everything happened in a blur, a mysterious girl coming forth and the Atlantean she was familiar with being snatched and thrown away from her. This new girl was bold and reckless; these were both qualities that Delta took a keen interest to. It was a bit strange, as she hadn't taken Ice Boy as one who uses such swears and made such threats... but she supposed under that about of pressure anyone was bound to crack. She slid her gun out of sight, it wouldn't do her any good now. There wouldn't be any more time to get any information out of him about the Atlantean Royal Family. Dying by the hands of this girl would be most appeasing if it were to come true. A small part of Delta whined that she really didn't want him dead, at least not by this random Atlantean. One day they might meet each other again, when Paris wasn't burning, and she wasn't by a body of water then Delta wouldn't hesitate to challenge him to a fight. The unsettling urge to flee was present but so was the urge to stay, who knows what other Atlantean lurked out there?

"I'm ready for a nap..."

The Meta Journey
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