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My first post here on this site and I'm really interested in joining this rp, I have a bit of experience and would like this to count the start of my sign up. Got the hard parts out of the way first...

EDIT: Only have one paragraph left to write

Finished but I might keep coming back for little touch ups


Adrian Fitzgerald

Fitzy or Fitz



Maria Fitzgerald(43)(Mother) - Accountant
Patrick Fitzgerald(45)(Father) - Supervisor at construction site

High school student


Wild almost untamed hair, fit for a kid who couldn't tell you the difference between a comb and a brush(not seriously though, he knows the difference) the unique look stems from a ancient technique of waking up and ruffling it for a while in the morning. The black, beautiful head of hair sits atop a teenager of average height, standing at about 5'9" weighing at around a 147 pounds with a muscular build but you want see him rippling out of any of his t-shirts.

His pierced ears or bright blue eyes or bright blue eyes might be the next thing you notice about Adrian and if you could pry yourself from staring in his bright blue eyes you would then get a chance to look at what he wears. Most of the time he dresses in his favorite grey long sleeved jacket covering over any random plain t-shirt usually black, finishes off his outfit with black skinny jeans, not too tight, and a black pair of levi shoes. One think Adrian does though is take off his jacket anytime he knew that he was going to spend a extended period of time somewhere.

White picket fence, fresh green lawn and a street to ride a bicycle up and down seems like the perfect place to raise a family and live a happy life. For a while that was the life Adrian was living, with his biggest concern being whether or not he would be pick to play baseball and in any case he was always picked anyway. For a young boy he was living the life, until the day he was being convinced by his parents that the “big city” is where all the actions is, and had to pack up and leave his suburbian home and friends behind. Adrian couldn’t stop the tears, it was the first he had experienced a major change such as this, moving from the only thing he had known to this unchartered territory. Looking back on that now, Adrian knows it was because they were tight on money back then, but was too young to realise it at the time.

Adrian had to adjust quickly, with both parents starting new jobs, him at a new school and living in an all new environment it wasn’t easy for a kid and development had to happen faster than he might have liked. Late nights at home by himself feeding on cereal and snacks for his dinner it’s no surprise that he started depending less on his parents for things and learnt to cook for himself and even cleaned the house time after time. Still he tried his hardest to get by and did it all with a smile but as the years passed by so did his smile slowly fade away. Going to school and bringing back awards for sports and academics wasn’t enough to even get a “good job” and a smile from either parent, making all the awards Adrian has scattered around his room seem insignificant or unimportant to him. After a while Adrian stopped trying to get their attention as he could never make them pry their eyes away from their work anyway and behind the lack of love he was getting from them it seems the love they shared disappeared. Once again like déjà vu his parents sat down with Adrian explain to him that they were taking a “break” once again he was going to be moved but this time it was from home to home. Something funny came out of the whole situation though, for the first time in a while he felt like he was loved as his parent fought over whose house he would stay that week.

Eventually that break became the situation Adrian is living with today divorced parents and move from house to house in the same city at the end of every week. Who cares anymore though Adrian has grown up into a well-adjusted young man and all is well, even taking advantage of his parents who are quick to buy his love if needed. Which he would never tell is unnecessary since he loves them deeply as he knows despite how bad things have been sometimes they did it all for him and he always holds his memories of the good times. Sports and video games were a release at times, especially sports since it gave him a chance to show off his talents and spend time with his peers and built him up as a person with team player attitude. It was always a good way to release any anger or stress and that fact that teams he played on were mostly successful, but as he got older the interest in playing the sport died down a little dropping from his interest in soccer, baseball, basketball and football to Adrian playing the occasional baseball games.

With family support rare to come by though Adrian must have people he considers who support him, yeah his friends are always by his side and always there when it matters. A bunch of trouble makers rarely in class and almost always in trouble. So you might wonder, "Why is a boy who understands all that hang with the people he does?" At the end of the day for Adrian, with them is where the fun is plus they've been there since his first day in detention all those years ago. For now Adrian is resigned to the idea that he will be living in the city for a while and while here he might as well stick with his friends and have a little fun before he can explore the world.

Adrian lives his life in a way that he perceives the behaviour of normal teens should be, shying away from outlandish reactions, emotions that seem out of place. Because of this he tends to stay away from people who he identifies as weird or eccentric as he just sees them as some bizarre people. Regardless to say, a messed up home life has led to Adrian’s personal straight laced approach to life. His parents separation has caused him to grow up not really knowing how to act in certain situations and around certain people so aside from any reading he does , he relies on instincts or general should be human behaviour for his choices. If Adrian did look to his parents for anything he would mostly just observe them arguing over trivial matters like whose turn it was to pick up dry cleaning, the little things being the reason why they divorced in the first place. A usual day with either one of his parents would entail mostly arguing, usually with the other parent, making him wonder why they ever separated in the first place always joking to himself that they most prefer to argue over the phone instead. Adrian doesn’t let his parent’s problem derail his life though and just sees it as something in the background in the story of his life. Unlike other kids who have experienced divorce, by what he has read in books, Adrian feels he has coped well with the divorce since he doesn’t act out or use drugs to sooth some sort of unhappiness he might feel because of it.

Despite how normal he may think he or his life is, Adrian does have his own shortcoming. Unable to keep a girlfriend for too long because of his lackadaisical attitude at times and the fact that he hangs with not the best of crowds. Despite this though he doesn’t succumb to peer pressure and rarely does the stupid things his friends find themselves doing unless it playing video games or sports, but despite the company he keeps he isn’t considered a problem child himself just another kid needing direction. There are the few occasions when he does get himself in trouble though, usually just to see if his parents care, and when it does happen there’s never any backlash as his parents argue over whose fault it is and Adrian just continues living somewhat happily. Adrian is considered a "good guy" buy his friends and the people who know him well and he's some who is quick to help or support his friends if needs be and can even be considered a leader at times if he could be bothered into it.

Generally he thinks to himself as a funny person and that's back up by the fact that his friends laugh at his jokes, although it doesn't take much to impress them. Outside of his social circle though he sometimes comes off as rude and is highly confrontational with his elders and people in authority, confrontational in the sense that he sometime shows a direct lack of respect. One thing Adrian dislikes is being ask too many question especially when they are personal and maybe unnecessary to whatever situation is at hand, and even though he may come off rude at times it's, most times, not intentional but sarcasm is a very important part of his arsenal and sometimes he's responds sarcastically without even noticing .Adrian just goes through the motions of the day at times though hoping for something even moderately exciting to happen and spark up his day which rarely occurs. His big dream though is to eventual travel the world, getting away from the big city and just able to see the wanders of the earth, maybe find a nice beach to lay on with beautiful women all around, with the latter being optional. He just one days wants to grow old without a worry in the world.

A talented sportsman who is surprisingly proud of his physical abilities and judges himself a survival aficionado from his experience watching an all day marathon of Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls though he has never gotten the chance to prove it.

No theme right now but I'm open to suggestion



Evolutions: Sunmon-> Coronamon -> Firamon -> Flaremon -> Apollomon

Standard looking Coronamon, the only standout things on his body is a little pink string tied around his left ankle.

Corona-knuckle: Releases continuous punches with its fists heated by the power of flame.

Corona Flame: Concentrates the power of flame in its brow while exhausting all of its body's stamina, then fires it at the opponent as a flaming shot.

Petit Prominence: Clads its body in flames, and either defends itself or rams the opponent.

The pink string around his ankle is the evidence of his past failures and the reason he is so motivated and driven in anything he does. As a freshly hatched Sunmon he just floated around the egg village, one of the last around, unaware of the dangers of the outside world and just content to float and play with the other baby digimon. Like most tragic events it happened almost too sudden for the young Sunmon to understand but he watched as a DarkTyrannomon tore through his home. Lucky to be one of the few to escape he watched as the little village became ashes and from then burning passion lit in his soul, he knew what he wanted to be.

Years passed on and that little Sunmon ended up growing into the brave Coronamon we know and love today. His drive for justice and redemption led to him protecting a little village and even though it was far from any danger and well hidden it made him proud knowing that he was helping them do the little things and they appreciated it as well. The village was mainly inhabited by Leafmon and Pururumon whose main export and import was string that they played. It was a funny situation to Coronamon he would take the string outside to walk around for a while returning with the same things, it kept the digimon happy so it was enough for him.

Everything was peaceful and everyone was happy but when Coronamon finally got tested in the line of danger he failed and was again could only watch on as another village he inhabited was destroyed. The first time it happened because he was physically unable to do anything and this time it was because he was too weak to stop it from happening. Coronamon's soul was rife with anger and despair but he wasn't going to wafer, his goal to get stronger and finally protect the people he loved was now his only goal. The pink string he took is the only thing left of his past and the catalyst for his search of power...

The driving force behind all his actions and behavior is his disappointing past. Not only is it in his nature as a Vaccine digimon and a digimon from the virus buster family but also from his past experiences, he has a great sense of justice and acts only in finding ways to smite evil in his path. This has led him to countless defeats but his spirit constantly makes him get back up and try again never wavering and forever attempting to stop even the pettiest of evil or injustice he comes across. He has a trusting nature and anyone who even claims to be a "defender of peace" he would ally himself with, thankfully though he's not an awful judge of character and usually knows when another digimon might be lying.

The relationship shared between himself and Adrian would be one of initial power bearer and power seeker as Coronamon would only see Adrian as a means to get stronger eventually over time the relationship would grow and change. Coronamon's attachment with Adrian would see him become, in his eyes, Adrian's protector when really it would be a more brotherly relation. Adrian wanting to help Coronamon reach his goals at any cost.

D-Arc Color/Colors
Red and Black

Crest of Compassion

RP Sample:

Well, I guess you could say it all started out like every other day of the week for Adrian. Woke up and without hesitation checked his phone for any messages he might have gotten while he was sleeping. Once he sorted that out everything else moved like clockwork; shower, breakfast, brushed his teeth and was off and on his way to school. But before leaving he had one more important task to do

“Breakfast on the table mom” this followed a little knock on her bedroom door and without even waiting for a reply he was out the door for real this time.

With it being so early in the morning Adrian experienced one of the happier walks down the long hallway leading the stairs, no annoying neighbour or that weird guy that always smelled like cheese blocking his path, probably the reason he left so early every morning. Passing through the lobby, stealing one of the doorman’s donuts and meeting up with Daniel and the crew outside “Ready for some random acts of violence” Daniel shouted this at the top of his voice and causing Adrian to get dirty looks from an elderly tenant walking with her dog.

“Ignore him Mrs. Mitchell” the woman replied with a slight smile which quickly turned to a scowl “We only commit violence on Saturdays” the group walked off in laughter leaving the shocked old lady and a scared dog in their wake. That was the most exciting or enjoyable thing to happen to the group of teens for the rest of the morning as Adrian was able to talk them down into just relaxing as the hours pass away before school where the day would really ‘kick off’ so to speak.

The group dispersed as they reached the school gate as them being together was just a big day of detention waiting to happen and none of them were going to have their day spoiled like that. Daniel and Adrian broke off together make in their way to class and how excited they were, not.
“Wake me when it’s done” Daniel quickly found himself a seat at the back and like that he was out like a light.
“Yeah buddy” Daniel always amused Adrian who found himself a seat by the window perfect angle to get breeze from the window and behind biggest kid in the class so the teacher couldn’t see him.

"The square root of potato is divided by the mass of...." It all sounded like gibberish to Adrian and he wouldn't even give the teacher the time of day but today was different. Destiny had spited him, laughing in his face taking away the only comfort he could have in this boring classroom "No angry birds!!" Adrian muttered angrily as he was unable to use his phone, the same phone that was functioning perfect only two hours ago has now become like a stone in his hand, unusable.

The hours ticked by, the sun went down and the moon came up and the sun went down again, but no only five minutes had passed since he last looked up at the clock but it felt like an eternity. Staring out the window and watching the clouds go by was not as soothing as people claim it to be soothing but it reminded Adrian of the un-moving clock on the wall. The people walked by, the birds flew high and the stoplights flashed red on all sides, everything was boring and endless. Wait, Adrian's head slanted a little as he looked at traffic at a standstill and as he looked around to see if anyone else in the class noticed all their faces were either blank staring on the teacher or half asleep. Adrian played off the occurrence as nothing "Must be a malfunction" he whispered.

And like God's great mercy the bell rang loud and proud to the delight of Adrian and all in the class but this also reminded Adrian that this was only the first class of the day and for some reason his mind wasn't up for, consequence of first period math you might say. "Hey Fitzy, hurry up!" the shout from the boy quickly woke up Daniel and got Adrian's attention they were in for a long day.

The school day finally came to an end, people laugh, cried and memories was made all around but Adrian's mind really wasn't in anything that happened for some reason he was preoccupied. Looking down on his phone every ten minutes resulted in it flashing "WANT POWER" and "NEED POWER" in some weird text, for the second time today Adrian played it off as something else. He saw it as the phone's weird way of saying it needs to be charged, simple enough to understand, blunt and straight to the point. "Fitz, we're going over to my house to play halo you comin' dude"

"Nah I gotta pack up and get over to my dad's house" Adrian's replied with a slight unpleasant tone, seeing it as a tedious act to have to pack up week after week, only doing it to keep some sort of peace between his parents.

"Alright, your gonna miss out man"

"It will finally give you a chance win for once" Adrian laughed and walked off in the direction of the nearest pay phone.

He felt like a caveman without a cellphone to use and it was even worse when he found himself looking for coins to make a single call. "Hey Da..." Adrian was cut off his father was speaking almost too fast for him to get a word in "But i need a....." the conversation really was going no where but Adrian was definitely headed for the subway.

"Get home, read up on whatever that guy said in class" Adrian took a seat in the corner of the subway car and closed his eyes for a while as the subway car slowly started moving and just as slowly it came to a stop. "Attention all passengers, we are experiencing ummm......technical difficulties" Even the train conductor seemed surprised and puzzled by what ever was holding up their travel and the unexplained reason why the doors couldn't open.

"Probably terrorist" Adrian joked silently as he drifted to sleep, unable to do anything about the situation at hand.

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