Thread: Diamond hack: Pokemon Ruby Magma & Sapphire Aqua
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    Hey guys, I created an UPS-Patch for this since rom linking is forbidden. I know that it´s not that fast but hey, it´s at least more than nothing. You need WinRar to unpack it, a clean Spanish Diamond(Edicion Diamante) Rom, I included Tsukuyomi which you will need to patch it.
    Here you go:
    B2Topic: Aside from the little errors with some trees the maps look good but there´s still a lot missing like editing the intro & title screen and scripts haven´t edited much I think
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    How to patch a rom:
    1.Download the patch. If it is in a .zip file then use a free tool named WinRar to unzip the file.
    2.Use Google to find the rom you need.