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I don't have Entei or Articuno yet, so either of the two will work, in return for my Ponyta. :)

There actually is a rule on PC against someone distributing Pokemon without the OT's permission, yeah. It took extra time to open this shop, because I kept having to edit my rules to make it more clear that I redistribute Pokemon /if/ the OT doesn't mind.
I didn't bother to add a rule to my shop, because I had assumed people know about the existing one (though I'm quite sure nearly nobody reads my rules, anyway).

I do see that it would be unfair to redis your Pokemon if you can't redis mine. It hadn't occurred to me before that I probably should allow it under certain circumstances. Normally, I wouldn't (after all, I've spent hours upon hours to get my shiny Pokemon), but you do have a point.

I'll try to get it cloned today.
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