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    Finished the SU, but placeholder still in effect. After rereading the initial post, I think I have an idea what the indigo card is, but I'm gonna keep quiet. If I'm right it'll be amusing.

    Name: Gavin Rhodes

    Nicknames/Aliases: Rhodey, which is a play on the word roadie.

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Marco Rhodes, 56, Radiologist M.D.
    Helena Rhodes, Deceased.

    Occupation: He works at a music store during the day, but at night he does shows with his band Conquer the Empire.


    Rhodey is the perfect example of a Post-Hardcore frontman, with a face that could only be described as young, unblemished, and slightly feminine. His youthful hazel eyes have been described as cat-like and “magical” by his fans. A golden blonde mane of slightly straight hair falls to his shoulders, with the bangs being swept to either side. It should be noted that his left ear is pierced with a basic gold stud.

    His height is rather tall coming in at 6’ 2” and his weight is fairly lanky as well weighing only 140 pounds. There’s really no way to get around describing him as white, since he’d be translucent if he was any paler. This is most likely due to the large amounts of time he spends indoors playing music. His muscularity isn’t anything to be impressed by, though his back and arms are rather strong from the years of performing with a guitar.

    The traditional wardrobe Rhodey wears includes several band shirts, jeans, a pair of black and white Converse shoes, and accessories. His current shirt is this black shirt featuring an elaborate mechanical design promoting the band RED. The design features several grey gears connecting around the shirt with a few skulls dotting near the center of the shirt, but the cool part of the shirt was a metallic red ambigram (a word or phrase that can be read forward or upside-down) that read Feed The Machine both ways. The jeans were typical faded blue jeans. His list of accessories was surprisingly excessive, including the necklace his mother gave him, several wristbands promoting his band Conquer the Empire, a few metal rings on various fingers, a pair of green over-the-ear headphones (AKGs 701 to be precise), and of course the aforementioned stud earring.


    Gavin, better known as Rhodey, was born on September 13, 1992. He was born into a rather successful family, since his father was a radiologist. His mother lived at home, raising him exclusively. Before Rhodey's birth she was a bit of a musician, though she wasn't very successful. By the time he reached Elementary School he picked up on his mother’s love for music, often singing to his favorite songs. She saw that he had the same talent that she grew up with so she encouraged his musical growth. Unfortunately his father didn't exactly agree with this musical direction. He wanted Rhodey to go into the medical field, much the same way he himself had. Granted it was rather early on in his life, but Rhodey just never felt the same intrigue for medicine as he did for music. Eventually he wanted to explore the music spectrum even further by learning how to play guitar. By this point he was almost 7 years old.

    On his 7th birthday he got his wish. His dad broke down and realized that Rhodey’s passion lied in music, and as such got him a guitar. It was a lovely instrument, a blue burst Schecter guitar. At first the instrument was unwieldy for the young boy, but with a little bit of time and experience he grew more comfortable with it. It didn't take him long to master a few songs, and by the time he reached 12 he could almost copy a song just by listening to it. Eventually he started to create his own music, piecing together riffs and notes until they sounded harmonious. His guitarmanship wasn't the only thing he was developing. Vocally he was a work in progress. It sounded pretty good when he sang, but it was never on the level of his abilities with the guitar. So to compensate he spent as much time developing his range as possible.His studies in music were almost ended in the year 2006.

    2006, the year of his 14th birthday, marked the year his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. By the time anybody had realized something was wrong the cancer had progressed to an untreatable stage. She was given a 25% chance to live out the year and only a 5% chance to live longer than 5 years. This news shocked Rhodey to the core, and distracted him from his music. It even progressed to the point were he had given it up completely to explore medicine, all in an effort to help others with the same condition. As his mother grew weaker by the day she continued to tell him “Miracles can happen, you just have to follow your dreams.” The doctors were right; she didn’t live out the year, but one of the last things she did for her son was reinvigorate his love for music and give an unusual necklace with an emblem he had never seen before (see symbol). It was only a few weeks later that he began High School.

    The first semester for Rhodey in High School was rough. He just was never really there. Either he was zoned out or fantasizing about a new riff he had been working on. His grades reflected his lack of attention and at one point they threatened to suspend him. It didn’t really bother, though. He just thought he was there because he had to be, but one of his teacher’s didn’t want to give up on him before he really had a chance to prove himself. The teacher in question was biology teacher, but he happened to coach the schools soccer team as well. Rhodey explained to the coach what had been going on a few weeks prior to school and claimed that school wasn’t on his mind. The coach countered with his claim that school could help take his mind off things. He claimed that studies and clubs would be the perfect distraction. After these conversations Rhodey started to attend school again and he even joined the soccer team. This became the perfect distraction for Rhodey and he even met his future bandmates here.

    It was in his junior year, 2008 for those who prefer numbers, that he met the majority of his future band. A guy on the soccer team heard about Rhodey being a guitarist and told him about a couple of seniors from a school close by. They were twins he said, one a drummer, and the other a guitarist like him. He decided that it couldn’t hurt for him to meet them and they hit it off immediately. They liked the same kind of music and they were working on similar stuff for song development. They decided that they would look for a bassist and a singer and try to get some local gigs. It was a bit of an accident when they realized Rhodey could sing. They were meeting up at his house and he figured he would get in a little practice on a new song before they would get there, an occasionally he would sing parts to maintain pacing. Well, the twins decided to show up a little early and they overheard his singing and immediately promoted him to singer. At that point they only needed a bassist, which they didn’t find until his senior year. One of the entering freshmen was a very talented bassist and Rhodey overheard him playing after school one evening. They talked for a bit, and after Rhodey mentioned his band the younger bassist was sold. After that they came up with the name Conquer the Empire and they started doing local shows. The job made very little money, they had to move their own gear (which is why they started calling him Rhodey), but by the time Rhodey was out of High School he had enough of that taste to avoid college. He got a day job for a local vinyl shop and here we are now. What’ll await the young musician?


    His childhood and music have profoundly affected his personality, causing him to be really childish at moments. Rhodey would rather pester you than have a serious talk. One could argue that the death of his mother stunted his emotional growth, but Rhodey usually just laughs it off claiming it’s no fun growing up. This doesn't mean he can’t take anything serious, and when he does take anything serious he maintains an outstanding determination and intuitiveness. In those kinds of moments he refuses to consider anything but success and will literally push himself to death until he does succeed. This tenacity can be seen in his music career. Even though it’s statistically against him he continues to pursue his dream of earning a record label deal for him and his band. It should also be noted that he has a rather sickening amount of luck when it comes to low odd results.

    Rhodey developed the useful ability to learn by observing, hearing, and touching at a young age. It’s a useful ability that has helped him with music, but it isn't limited to just learning how to play/sing songs. This talent can also be used to gain an understanding of objects, such as electronics. Granted, it won’t help him understand the inner workings of why something works, just how it is put together and what not. So, it would be feasible for him to build an exact replica of an item, such as his watch, but not a differing model of the same type of item, such as a different model watch. If he is given enough time he can work out the small details, but the sheer amount of time needed would be excessive and unreliable.

    Naturally, the life of a semi-successful musician is not much different than a bohemian, and due to this Rhodey can get by on very little. Virtually any kind of edible food is considered 5-star cuisine as long as it doesn't break the bank, so cup ramen is a commonly feasted on dish. Shelter is also something that he can make do with, even if it’s not much more than a tent. This lifestyle has also hardened Rhodey's emotions and attitude, though it doesn't prevent him from being childish at times. It takes a lot to bring Rhodey down, and nothing short of watching a friend die can affect him emotionally. He’s also desperately optimistic, and as such expects everything to turn out okay.

    One thing that Rhodey just can’t seem to deal with is criticism. There’s just something about him that stubbornly refuses to listen to others, or at least regarding things that he believes is right. If you fight him on a subject you could be running into a surprisingly volatile argument, considering he’s usually laid back in these kinds of matters. Never put him in a position of power, unless you earnestly believe he’s the best option. Otherwise you could end up with a bull-headed leader blind to any ideas other than his. This doesn't mean isn't a good leader, it just means he isn’t a great leader. In most situations he has good ideas, can ration resources, and create structure, but he lacks the ability to listen.
    Other: He is proficient in playing guitar and singing (he has a wide range, but naturally sings in tenor). When he was in High School he was a pretty good Soccer player, thus implying his athletic nature. Due to some bar brawls from unsatisfied audience members he has a basic understanding of street fighting techniques (if you can call them techniques).

    Theme: I couldn't get the video to work so I hot-linked it to the song name... But the song is Do It Now, Remember It Later by Sleeping With Sirens. Chosen for his defiant, yet determined nature and his ability to complete his pursuits, even if they seem unlikely. Well, also I just like Sleeping with Sirens.

    Digimon: Mokumon

    Level: Baby 1

    Evolutions: Mokumon->DemiMeramon->Candlemon->Wizardmon->Mistymon->Omnimon X

    Appearance: Mokumon is white instead of the traditional grey. Additionally small crystals can be seen on each form after DemiMeramon, thus indicating its status as being a host of the X-Antibody.

    Moves: Smoky Blow. “Scatters the smoke issuing from its body all around, then seizes the opportunity to escape when the opponent loses sight of it.”

    History: Mokumon was recieved as an egg. Before Rhodey recieved Mokumon's egg it had been one of the first to be infected with the X-Antibody, an unusual antibody that was developed to help prevent a relapse of the D-Reaper incident.


    To call Mokumon mischievous is quite the understatement. Always pushing his luck with smoke alarms, attempting to trigger them and cause chaos. When it can it likes to sabotage electronics or anything honestly. Playing tricks on other people and digimon is also normal for the smoky digimon. Occasionally he uses his smoky blow to confuse people and lead them into traps, such as ditches. This mischievousness can also be problematic, mostly due to hastiness.

    Mokumon doesn’t usually think too far ahead when it comes to his pranks, and as a result they can backfire. This isn’t the only type of situation that Mokumon is hasty with. In fights he rushes his actions, often causing his attacks to miss their mark, but this matures each time he digivolves. Honestly if it wasn’t for Rhodey keeping Mokumon’s mind on track, save for Rhodey’s occasional childishness, the bugger would’ve gone up in smoke ages ago.

    Even though the little puff of a digimon gets ahead of itself, the only real goal it has is to have fun in any way it sees fit. This is the reason behind its pranks, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it was also the reason behind its hastiness, since it’s always in such a hurry to have fun. If you play with Mokumon then chances are you’ll have a friend for life, well, as long as you keep it entertained of course.

    D-Arc Color/Colors: The main part is kind of crystalline in color (think slightly transluscent blue-white), while the accents and strap are gold.

    Symbol: The Golden Crest of Miracles. (The same emblem that can be found on the Digimental/Digi-Egg of Destiny)

    RP Sample:

    The rapid clicking noise of drumsticks echoed throughout the small prep room where Rhodey and the rest of Conquer the Empire were waiting. The drummer, Drew, was doing some exercises to get his wrists loose for their set. Everyone’s nerves were on high as this was the biggest show they had ever been invited to play. Apparently the band Chiodos was in town looking for some new talent at the behest of their label, and luck would have it that the venue suggested Rhodey's band. Now they were here and it was eating them all alive. It was nearing Showtime and just about everyone was making sure they had everything ready. Rhodey himself was looking at the setlist they had come up with, which featured mostly new material they had been working on, but ultimately decided to open up with a couple of cover songs. The first song was one of Rhodey's favorites: Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted. It always cheered him up, even if it wasn't exactly an inspirational song. He mouthed the first few lines to try and calm himself down, but a knock on the door interrupted him.

    “Time to go, Showtime guys.” said a voice from the other side of the door.

    It was time to go and put on a show. Everyone glanced around, waiting to see if anybody had something to say. The next few moments of awkward silence were a bit unsettling and it left Rhodey wanting to say something. As he was about to give some words of confidence to the guys the electricity flickered for a couple of seconds. It seemed to be an odd occurrence for there to be electrical problems at such a big venue. Rhodey shrugged it off and decided to continue with his little speech.

    “Come on guys, this is our chance. We always wanted to get a record label, and now we have the best opportunity in our lives to do it. So what are we waiting for? Let’s give them a show they won’t forget!”

    The atmosphere in the room went from nervous to excited with just a few sugary words, but they were true. They had the opportunity to do something very few people accomplished. Rhodey led the guys out onto stage and took his place in front of the mic. The crowd roared at their introduction, some of them must have seen them before. That or the crowd was excited for a show. Either way it didn't matter. Rhodey went and grabbed his guitar, which was on a stand located very close to the mic stand. He put his pick precariously in between two fingers and started the intro to the song. The motions felt so familiar, and not to mention amazing. After the first two or three seconds the rest of the band joined in behind him and the crowd went ecstatic. Rhodey looked into the crowd with a proud smile. This is what he lived for everyday, a chance to make the fans happy. The intro was winding down into the start of the first verse when Rhodey and Mike, the other guitarist, switched roles from lead to rhythm, since it was easier to play rhythm while singing. It was seamless and with that Rhodey began to sing.

    “I watched the sun again, it’s leaving now. I've spent all night long, trying to figure out. What I've lost and what I've found. When my feet won’t hit the ground. Trying to make it, starting over, and will we ever love again?”

    As he was about to enter the first chorus the power went out, leaving their instruments next to useless, well, except the drums. The whole room was pitch black and what was at first an energetic crowd quickly became a hostile one. Boos and expletives were consistently being sent at Rhodey and his friends, even though they had no control over the situation. If one of the crowd members had something to throw they did, Mike was even hit by a water bottle. The epic night they had planned went sour almost as quick as it had started, but that’s when it happened. The large LED screen behind them flashed on with an unusual image flickering in the background. It was some sort of egg, but it looked nothing like a chicken egg, or even a fish egg for that matter. No, this was something completely different, but the screen only stayed on for a couple of moments before it switched off again. The rest of their setlist was spent in complete darkness and by the time the power came back on it was already time for the next band to come on. To think, the ever so lucky Rhodey was done in by a power outage…
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