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    Chapter 1: In the beginning

    Beep, Beep, Beep, beep. Izaac's alarm was ringing throughout the house.
    'Shut up!'
    Izaac swung his hand down on the alarm clock smashing it into tiny pieces and spreading them all over the floor.
    'Oh come on Izaac, what is that, 350 clocks?'
    'No I believe that makes 371. Now get out of my room.'
    'You have to get up, it's time for school. Oh and it's your birthday... Remember what that means.'
    'Yes I know... Don't remind me.'
    Izaac's mother looked at him with a worried look, turned around, and walked down the hallway.
    Izaac just sat there lying in his bed looking at the roof, wondering what happened to his father.
    'There are other creatures out there, ones that despise dragons enough to kill one. Or there's the MCHS (Mythical Creature Hunter Society) they might have found out about dad, which means they know about me.' Izaac stopped his thinking process and proceeded to get up out of bed.
    Izaac walked over to his cupboard and slowly opened up the doors, revealing a medium sized space full of black and white clothing.
    'I think I'll go with white today.'
    'Izaac reached in and pulled out a pair of white jeans and a white long sleeved T-Shirt and quickly slipped them on. Walking over to his bedside table he picked up the can of deodorant, lifted up his right arm and sprayed for a second, then repeated for the left arm.
    'Izaac, hurry up or you will be late for school!'
    'I'm coming!'
    Izaac grabbed his school bag and ran down the hallway.

    'When observing how people act around other people, it can be viewed as a social hierarchy.'
    Izaac's thoughts were filling up with people, he couldn't help but wonder if he had taken the wrong approach towards people.
    'What if I had taken the wrong approach? Maybe there are some trustworthy people out there.'
    But would they understand him? Would they be scared of what he is? The bell rang for class; Izaac had space science first up. Today there was a new kid joining the class, they usually sit with the 'cool' kids but since the way Izaac felt towards people, he did not really care.
    'Alrighty class, today we have a new student joining our class today.'
    A girl with long blonde hair running down her back and bright violet eyes entered the room. After looking around the room for a couple second the mystery girl announced her name to the class.
    'Hi everyone, My name is Elizabeth.'
    No one responded to her greeting, they just sat in their seats looking at her.
    'Well then I guess I'll take a seat.'
    Elizabeth looked around for a seat, walking around the room once she decided to take a seat next to Izaac.
    'Well, you picked great person to sit next to Elizabeth.'
    'Why what's wrong with him?'
    'Izaac doesn't talk to people, he doesn't usually even acknowledge them... unless they do something wrong by him.'
    'Oh... well , he can't be that bad.'
    The kids laughed at the remark made by Elizabeth. A look of confusion passed over her face. She looked at Izaac, a puzzled look on her face. She stretched out her arm to tap him on the shoulder. Tap tap tap.
    'Um... hello there.'
    Izaac kept staring out the window towards the sky.
    'Are you there?'
    Izaac turned his head towards Elizabeth and looked into her eyes. Elizabeth was shocked by what she saw. Izaac's eyes where pure white with a black line in each eye for the pupils. Izaac widened his eyes and the black lines got smaller. Elizabeth looked away and didn't turn to speak or look at Izaac for the rest of class.
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