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Jericho Godbane
Ruins of Oerba: Towards Taejin III

"Well, I am not a big fan of the big guns in terms of political talks," Jericho answered Ezra. "Blacksmiths like meself don't really care how the world moves, or how younglings run it. We live by the hammer or, in my case, the axe." Daniel was muttering something under his breath as the Aurora and himself walked ahead of us. The ground beneath them were getting to be pretty boring. Jericho hopes he reached Taejin by sundown. He has no fear for the dark, but there were pretty different monsters lurking when the shadows starts to blend in with the night. Like ghasts for example. Jericho sighed as he remembered his probably lost cause.

"I hope I still get to see the ghasts, you know. It's been my drive for the past few days."

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