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    Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
    My map
    Map name: Fossil Cave
    Game: FireRed
    Hack name: Pokemon FireRed +Plus

    you have to push the button to lower the rock gates, and you have a minimum number of steps to reach the gate or it will slam in your face... if you take too many steps you have to go push the button again... there are pokeball items laying in places to guide the player into taking too many steps... the challenge isn't hard but to get all the items it should force a few battles
    Rating: I'd give it a 9/10.
    Reason: The map looks very good, just about perfect. It's got variation, doesn't use plain shapes, and the layout's great. Everything about it's solid, but it is just a cave. There's nothing the player will really stop and want to look at (aside from the puzzle, which sounds absolutely devious), which is why I gave it the 9 instead of a 10. There's nothing wrong with it at all, it really is a great map. Just not special.
    Suggestions: None at all, keep the map as it is. It certainly looks good enough to keep a player from getting bored, no matter how long they may have to spend figuring out the puzzle.

    Okay, I've got 2 maps.

    Map Name: Crescita Town
    Map Game: Pokemon Firered
    Hack Name: Pokemon Aura
    Comments: Oh boy, here we go. I haven't done any mapping in quite awhile, and I don't think highly of either of these maps. This one is meant to be the starter town, with the big building being where the player receives their Pokemon. I'd really like some suggestions on how I can break up the general boring feel that the map seems to have right now.

    Map Name: Dosadan Fields
    Map Game: Pokemon Firered
    Hack Name: Pokemon Aura
    Comments: Once again, I'm pretty disappointed in how this map turned out when I was finished with it. The lower area is meant to be relatively flat, and it's meant to look man made. But I still think something more could be done to make it look better. The forest area on the other hand looks a lot better in my opinion, and I'm not really worried as much about that one. Still, I'd love some suggestions on how to improve anything on this map.
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