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Actually it's a lot cooler o3o
Like 10 million different combinations among lines :D

Also, I wanted to consult with you: would it be okay if I changed Babydmon's line that I've chosen to this one:

[Petitmon] ---> [Babydmon] ---> [Otamamon] ---> [Seadramon] ---> [MegaSeadramon] ---> [MetalSeadramon]

Otamamon is disgusting for my tastes, I take it xD but in Wikimon it says it evolves into Seadramon, and the Dramon type is like totes awesome. It also says something about jogressing in order to achive MetalSeaDramon... so, yeah... Wanted to consult on those things with you first o3o Also wanted to ask if it's not too overpowered or anything o.O

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