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Overpopulation is beginning to be a problem. Although our nation isn't suffering from it, the effects of those that are are bleeding over to ours.

Realistically, we need a few generations of couples having just one child. This will resolve our overpopulation issues. However, with how SS in the US is set up, many children are required - The next generation's tax income goes toward supporting the previous generation. We need more to support them - And then we will need twice as many to support the previous supporters.

Anyway, couples should be limited to one child - to continue their family lines. Should they desire more children, adoption is a option.

My idea? Limit to one birthed child per couple, and allow them to adopt how many ever more children they desire.

Edit - As morbid as it sounds, this is why wars, large scale world wars, are a necessity. They are, essentially, population control. Historically, this is the reason for war - A groups desire, or need, for more resources. While wars usually expend more resources then are gained, the drastically reduced population creates a surplus of resources even when accounting for all those expended.

The sad fact is that due to technological progression, a new world war would be to effective a population control. As much as a world war is needed to reign in the worlds population, with the weapons we have now a world war could easily render humanity extinct.

Edit 2 - While WW2 lead to the US experiencing a massive population boom, this was a result of the US using it's nukes. Had we instead went with a ground invasion, the massive losses would have stopped the population boom. The US had drawn up plans for a ground invasion and, either through skill or pure luck, the Japanese had entrenched the majority of their military forces in the area's that were chosen as landing points for our invasion force. The casualties were expected to be so bad that the US had made about 1.5 million Purple Hearts just for this invasion.
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