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Holly Amarosa

Holly looked up at Mike and tilted her head. "My name's Holly..." she whispered. She heard Lumina start to cry and sighed. "Bring her here, Molly," she said softly. Molly nodded and used Psychic to bring Lumina to Holly. The Litwick cried harder and yelled. Holly shushed her and rocked her back and forth, ignoring the burns that she got on her arm. "It's okay, Lumina..." Holly whispered. Lumina sniffled softly and whimpered. Holly looked at Mike, still rocking Lumina. "Um... Did you just get here or something?" she asked. Molly glared at Mike and floated around him angrily. Holly sighed. "Sorry about her, by the way."

Kayla Makihatayama

Kayla smiled and took her bag. She held it over her shoulder and tilted her head. "I just don't want you guys making a big deal about that creep," she said softly. "I'll deal with him later... He hurt my cousin earlier. I'm going to get my revenge if it's the last thing that I do." She looked around and whimpered when she saw a different boy across the cafeteria glaring at her. "I guess he has some friends," Kayla whispered, looking down at the ground. "We should avoid them. I don't want anyone else getting hurt." She winced and looked down at her leg. "It hurts a little bit..."
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