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    Mike Forde

    "Yeah, I'm kinda new here." Mike replied, "I haven't even started classes yet. Anyways, my name's Mike, and since I've seen your Pokemon, I feel it's only fair to show mine!" Mike throws both Pokeballs in the air, having only a Wartortle come out. "This is Squirts; he's a big Wartortle, in case you haven't noticed, and is my first Pokemon. Also, this-" As he says this, wings sprout from his back, out of his shirt. "is Fang, my Golbat. She's has a weird color disorder and likes to do this often. Anyways, where are the classrooms and where can I get a map for this HUGE island?"
    Pokemon Trainer Academy Character: Mike "Miketastic" Forde V

    Pokemon: Squirts the Wartortle: level 35
    Fang the Golbat: level 36
    Porkchop the Primeape: level 32
    Powder the Swinub: Level 16
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