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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
They should have as many as they can emotionally and financially support, but I dont think there can be a restriction on it because too many complications come into play. However, I don't think you should get tax relief for having kids, because people do that and pop them out just to get more money from the government.
But on the other hand, no tax relief may mean a child has a low quality of life (although there gets to a point where tax relief doesn't make a difference, you're just poor). It needs to be means-tested. The children of Bill Gates would be fine without any tax relief. The children of Banksy, however (I'm assuming he has little income as his identity's unknown xD), may require tax relief for their parents to be able to support them.

Originally Posted by Kura View Post
I think that birth control should be offered free everywhere, though.
YES. But also the Pope should be forbidden to condemn it. Manila(capital of the Philippines)'s unsustainable growth rates are partially due to 80% of the population being practising Catholics. Just one example of the problems of religion in our technologically-advanced world.
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