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Originally Posted by Nick the Trainer View Post
Hello again, here is something I was wondering about unrelated to beta 4. On 3.1,just north of highland town, I noticed that my itemfinder was detecting an item that had to be off of the route to the left (screenshot below). I also remembered in the Highland gym the leader tells you that cut can be used on BUSHES and trees, which I thought was interesting. But I tried to cut the bushes on the route and the game wouldn't let me. Is this an element of the game that isn't enabled yet? Just curious because the concept of cuts new trails by cutting bushes is very cool.
Thanks for the error report! I have a habit of sometimes leaving unused event data lying around somewhere in the area - warps, signposts, trigger events or such. What there happens to be is a certain signpost event that works like a hidden item and that's why, itemfinder could track it down. But that's fixed now.

Cutting bushes/grass it possible in original games already. The reason why Arnold tells you this is actually because of a certain event you can access by cutting bushes (in beta 4).
You simply go in front of a grass patch and select Cut from the menu. It should work. At least it does work in beta 4 since I've tested it just recently.

Originally Posted by Ohlookzero View Post
Miksy you're killing me, its thursday. >.<
I'm so stoked to get my hands on beta 4 and just spend hours upon hours!

Getting close to the finish line :D
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