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I am creating a secondary server for ya. :D

IPv4 address:

It's called Pokécom GBA Link Server (yes the e has the apostrophe thing - hit Alt + 0233).

Password: pokecom
[without the "é"]

*This is not guaranteed to work.

*The server is only up as long as the host (me) is online. Expect much downtime, although I will try to keep the server (my computer) running as much as possible.

*Use the same game. Difficulties will surely arise if one person is using Pokémon Black (hack) and the other is using "legit" Pokémon Firered.

*Throttle might screw things up.

*Don't forget you can right-click someone's name and fire up a chat channel.

*Optimize your VBA for best performance. Even if it plays at 100% all the time normally, linking causes massive lag spikes. When I tried with my friends, it dropped to 60%. On some occasions, it dropped to 20% and crashed.

*Set your timeout at like, 10,000 or above.

*The VBALink team recommends you turn the advanced network setting from "Safer" to "Faster" for Pokémon games.