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    Originally Posted by Amore View Post
    But on the other hand, no tax relief may mean a child has a low quality of life (although there gets to a point where tax relief doesn't make a difference, you're just poor). It needs to be means-tested. The children of Bill Gates would be fine without any tax relief. The children of Banksy, however (I'm assuming he has little income as his identity's unknown xD), may require tax relief for their parents to be able to support them.

    Originally Posted by Kura View Post
    I think that birth control should be offered free everywhere, though.
    YES. But also the Pope should be forbidden to condemn it. Manila(capital of the Philippines)'s unsustainable growth rates are partially due to 80% of the population being practising Catholics. Just one example of the problems of religion in our technologically-advanced world.
    Not necessarily. If having no tax relief means you can't afford a child.. then don't have a child. Sometimes things happen and it can't be helped, but offering people automatic tax relief just sounds.. a bit sketchy. I think every case should be screened properly like they SHOULD be doing with welfare cases. Maybe tax relief for one, but any more after that no one gets anything else from the government.

    Yes, but law also states that religion should not influence government. The church and the government are not one, and they should not be ruled as one due to conflicts of interest. The fact that it is affected by that, and even by topics like same sex marriage make me shake my head in disbelief for it. Yet it is what it is.. I am only stating what I feel should happen though. Birth control should be offered freely, but not mandatory to take it, of course.
    However, even in countries like Canada, it's not free. In the UK.. it is free. The way I see it, it costs the government a lot less to give out free birth control pills than to hand out state benefits for children.

    It's not about forbidding anyone to have kids, it's about giving them the choice not to, and giving them consequences for taking advantage of the system for once, instead of going along for a free ride on their boat made of babies.
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