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Russia is an extremely homophobic country in which a very large percentage of people polled support either the automatic detention of gay people, conversion treatments for gay people, or death. It is a country that is now controlled by the orthodox church, and where a law has been passed to criminalize criticism of the church. Why anyone is even remotely surprised by the passage of this law that bans gay rights advocacy is a wonder to me. Russian society is not a tolerant society. It is an extremely xenophobic and paranoid one. Laws are even being considered to prohibit any citizen who is gay of a foreign country to adopt a child in Russia. I would not be surprised if it goes as far as re-criminalizing homosexual acts next. I challenge anyone to refute any of these points.

Results from the recent Levada Public Opinion Center poll:
  • 23 percent of those polled said they understood the concerns held by Russia's sexual minorities, and believed that they should be left to themselves, minimizing societal intervention in private lives.
  • 27 percent said that the society must provide 'psychological aid' to gay people.
  • 16 percent of those polled suggested that homosexuals should be isolated from society.
  • 22 percent said that the treatment of homosexuality must be made compulsory.
  • 5 percent said that homosexuals should be 'exterminated.'
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