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    Bai Kong

    “Um, I would rather you not blackmail Hei about her crush on Cynthia,” Bai stated, her cheeks turning red, following Zen. “Or, you know, tell anyone at all.”

    Seriously, Hei? Really? She’s like a sister.

    “Says the straight one,” muttered Hei.

    “And if you wanted, I could have paid for you, but that’s obviously not important now,” commented Bai, looking away awkwardly in a way that Cynthia usually called adorable. “Uh…As for why I have voices in my head, I have something called Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID. It used to be known as Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD, but that got switched…Generally, DID is caused through many factors: overwhelming stress; an ability to separate one’s memories, perceptions, or identity from conscious awareness; abnormal psychological development; or insufficient protection or nurture during childhood are just a few of them.”

    “These factors generally have to take place during the early childhood years, usually before the age of nine,” stated Hui with a yawn. “A few symptoms are, along with the ‘multiple personalities’, are depression, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, and amnesia.”

    “Jeez, what did you do, swallow a medical textbook?” snarked Hei.

    “Not everyone can get DID though,” stated Bai, ignoring Hei’s remark as per usual. “I’m not sure what made me different from other children who have gone through a traumatic experience, but mainly, most kids do not get DID.”

    “I think you’re just special,” stated Hei sarcastically.

    You will get more embarrassed if I tell Cynthia that you like her than I will.

    “Shutting up now.”

    “Do you have any other questions?” asked Bai curiously, willing to answer questions.
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