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    Chapter 2: The Girl and the Wolf

    'Hey, Elizabeth right? I'm Peter.'
    'Yeah Yeah, do you know where Izaac is?'
    'He usually hangs out behind the art rooms, I don't know why though.'
    'Thanks peter.'
    Elizabeth turned and walked off towards the art buildings. Elizabeth turned the corner to see something disappear into Izaac's back. Elizabeth sped back round the corner she just turned and began thinking things through.
    'What did i just see?' The question racing through her head and ringing too loud in her mind to notice that Izaac was already standing next to her.
    'So my eyes and my wings have not scared you away yet?'
    Izaac stood in front of Elizabeth, looking into her eyes, her deep violet eyes. Izaac then blinked and his eyes were white again, Black lines for pupils and all.
    'What are you?'
    'I'm a dragon, and now you have to make a choice... Keep my secret, and we can be friends... try telling people, and well you'll just appear to be crazy. So there is really only one choice.'
    Elizabeth lost within Izaac's black and white eyes suddenly snapped out of his gaze and looked at his forehead to avoid eye contact.
    'Yeah... I'll keep your secret.'
    'Good, now come with me.'
    Izaac Grabbed Elizabeth's hand and ran around the corner and looked towards the sky.
    'I come here because I can see the sky fully, plus no one can see anything behind here, I can stretch my wings.'
    'Why do you hide?'
    'Are you serious? Dragons aren't accepted in this world like they used to be. I'd be hunted and killed on site... no matter of my social ties... so I have tried to keep contact to a minimum, until you.
    'What about me?'
    Izaac grunted and turned around.
    'You aren't a normal human are you?'
    'No I am sure I'm a normal human, why?'
    'Oh... no reason.'
    'So, you can fly right?'
    'but of course, I am a dragon you know.'
    'Right... So uhh Ca-'
    'You want to see me fly right?'
    'No.... well yeah.'
    'Well not now, but later after school, you know the old abandoned farm? Well meet me there after school.'
    'What is so different about that girl?'
    Izaac stood in the middle of a field next to the barn, two surviving chickens and the occasional rat passed him by as he stood there for hours pondering that one question. A question that filled his mind.
    'What is so different now?'
    Elizabeth called out to Izaac, breaking his thought pattern and shocking him. Izaac's head spun towards Elizabeth, his dragon eyes showing. Elizabeth froze in place for a second, staring back at Izaac. His eyes and that forceful look. She could tell he was in deep thought and she had disturbed him. She resumed moving towards him.
    'Sorry, did I disturb you?'
    Izaac did not reply, he just kept staring at Elizabeth.
    'Wait... he's not staring at me, he's staring past me.'
    Elizabeth froze again, staring at Izaac with a look of fear and discomfort. Izaac returned the look by miming everything will be fine, and then disappeared. Elizabeth was suddenly pushed to the ground as she saw Izaac in the air above her. At that point everything was in slow motion for her. The wolf she saw was monstrous, both Izaac and the wolf were in the air above her, Izaac's leg extended into the wolf's snout as the force of the impact showed in ripples on the wolf's snow white fur. Then all of a sudden everything was in real time, the wolf flew across the field and right through the side of the barn.
    'W-What was that?'
    'A Dire wolf.'
    'A Dire wolf?'
    'Yes, they were thought to be extinct.'
    'what in the past hundred years?'
    'More like ten thousand years. Also they were said to have lived in north and south America. I have no Idea how one got here.'
    The Wolf emerged from the barn, wood sticking outwards from its fur. Its red eyes glaring at Izaac, staring right into his soul. The Dire wolf froze for a moment, Turned away, and ran towards the forest.
    'Was he attacking me Izaac?
    'No, it was after me. Dragon's, in the past had been known to show dominance over other mythical creatures, It's only natural that I have a few enemies. But to know that I am a dragon, this wolf has been watching me.For a long time.'
    'So are you going to let me see you fly?'
    'Well okay, but I guess I should take you home.'
    'We are not very far from my house, about an hour's walk in that direction.'
    'No problem, I can fly you home.'
    Elizabeth looked astonished as the words just rolled out of Izaac's mouth. Staring at him with a look of surprise she replied.
    'You can do that?'
    'well yes, but it might be difficult.'
    'well, you'll see...'
    Suddenly, pure white wings of about 2.5 metres in length each, sprouted from Izaac's back.
    'Oh my god, how big are they?'
    'The total wingspan is about 5 metres.'
    'This is amazing Izaac!'
    Elizabeth's look of excitement made Izaac nervous and anxious about this, but he had already promised her and he likes to keep promises. Although the only promises he's ever made were to wash the dishes and feed the animals at home.
    'Alright, well hold on.'
    Izaac knelt down as to suggest a piggy back. Elizabeth walked over and climbed onto his back slowly, making sure not to limit wing movement.
    'Hold on.'
    Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Izaac's torso, clinging tightly.
    Izaac smirked at Elizabeth then turned his head.
    'Here we go.'
    Izaac jumped in the air and began to flap his white wings. Izaac hovered in the air for a moment.
    'Take it all in.'
    'This is amazing Izaac!'
    Elizabeth's excitement was soon replaced by fear as Izaac began to fly at incredible speeds. Elizabeth kept yelling for Izaac to slow down but he wasn't listening. Slow down Izaac she yelled, Slow down! Elizabeth was not getting through to him.
    'What is wrong with him? I know I'll kick him.'
    Elizabeth kicked Izaac in the side, forcing him to come to a complete stop.
    'Why'd you kick me!?'
    'You were going too fast and I'd like to be able to take everything in. So fly slower please.'
    'Oh okay.'
    'Now I see why people are so annoying.' Izaac began to think. Thinking about his day and how it lead to him giving this random new girl a piggy back ride home, and she's loving it. His life has really turned around in the last 24 hours.
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