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    1. Providing you're of legal age, what is stopping you from having sex? Religious reasons? Lack of interest, from either you or another person? Lack of sexual desire for anyone? Fear?
    Well, fear is one of the selections, because of probably STIs. Also, I have never had a girlfriend, ever :/
    2. Are you okay with being a virgin? Do you care about what society/the people have to say in regards to it?
    To be honest I'm not really bothered about it. And do I care what the people have to say in regards to it? Nah, not at all.
    3. When do you plan on having sex? Do you even want to have sex?
    Eventually, but as to when, probably when I eventually get a girlfriend and she says that she is ok with it.

    Bonus question:
    What do you think of people who have sex often, with many different people?
    It doesn't really bother me, as long as they aren't deliberately spreading STIs.
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